100 Cancer Posts

Well, I looked at my WordPress dashboard this morning and I was surprised to see that I have posted 100 cancer posts. So, I guess that’s a good thing….kind of.  I would rather be out taking photographs, fishing, chasing my son around the yard, bugging my wife 🙂 or just about anything else except blogging about my cancer.  I’m sure you understand…but…I’ve been dealt the “cancer card” so, I’m blogging away trying to get a handle on this thing. 🙂

100 Cancer Posts And Counting

Well, I won’t be stopping at 100 cancer posts. I will be moving on to post number 200, 300 and more. Things may change, subjects may come and go but I plan to keep this blog going. So, where is this blog going. Passing the milestone of 100 cancer posts gives you a new perspective and I’ve decided to chart a course for the next 100 cancer posts.

Where This Blog Is Headed

My goal for the next 100 cancer posts is to continue on my present course but with more of a focus on particular cancer therapies that I feel may either keep my cancer from growing or cause tumor regression. I plan to focus on Metabolic Therapies and Immunotherapies. I think since I have seen the Everolimus work for me that I will focus on the Metabolic Therapies first.

Pass It On: Links About Cancer – I will still be posting monthly the list of links that I find that relate to cancer. I usually try to separate these links by categories including Natural Ways To Fight Cancer, General Knowledge, Science and a few more. You can see this month’s post here.

Scientific Ways To Fight Cancer – I will continue to post about various scientific methods used to fight cancer including new ideas, medicines, natural science, and various paradigms such as metabolic therapiis, antiangiogenesis, immunotherapy and the like. For example, I wrote a post that explained Everolimus, also known as Afinitor, and how it worked. I did this to help myself understand the drug, why it was working on me and maybe how to help it along. I just found some Chinese herbs that seem to have a similar effect on the metabolism of cancer as this drug. I have to look into these herbs a bit more but this is why I posted on Afinitor and will continue to post similar items.

Natural Ways to Fight Cancer – I will continue to post on alternative and natural ways that may help us fight our cancer. You see, although I believe modern science is a key to my fight against cancer, I do not believe that it is the only key. In fact, it may totally fail. Who knows. As the saying goes, I am not putting all of my eggs in one basket. I have been researching B17, Foods that fight cancer and various alternative therapies. In either case, I am not a true believer. If you only believe in chemotherapy and modern scientific methods then I only have to direct you to the various failures of science in the past to make my case. “Modern Scientific” believers used to believe the earth was flat, did not wash before surgery, the sun went around the earth and let’s not mention the butter vs. margarine debacle! 🙂 Of course, we don’t need to go into the alternative therapy hoaxes. Those are pretty well known. So, balance is they key in my opinion.

My Cancer Story – I will continue to keep everyone posted as to where I am in my treatment, how far along the cancer has progressed and what is and is not working.

Straight From The Heart – I will continue to post about my emotional journey and how cancer has affected my life. I will try not to hold back and to be as honest as possible.

Cancer Fighting Recipes – This is an ongoing page that I’ve created that includes recipes that include ingredients that may help us fight our cancer. You can access it from the menu on the top of the page you are looking at. I’ve broken this page into categories as well. Those categories include Juice, Smoothies, Meals and Snacks. You can see the page here.

Stuff To Get – This is another page that you can access from the main menu at the top of this page. I recently updated and added a few items to it. My intent with putting this page up is to make it easy for myself and others to find high quality supplements, products and information without working too hard. I will continue to grow this page but it will be a slow process because I only want to include things that are the best that I could find. The categories on this page include Supplements, Natural Stuff, Hardware (Juicers, Blenders etc.), Media (Books, DVDs etc.) You can see the page here.

Free Images – This is a collection of the images that I use on my blog that I have made available to other bloggers. You don’t have to blog about cancer to use them. The images are all my own creations and it is my intent to share them with you. They are free to use. You can see them here.

Links – I am trying to build a list of useful links for your reference and my own. You can see the links page here.

Stay strong and keep fighting,
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  1. While I’m impressed with your abilities, and your unselfish nature to share your journey and research with others, I agree with what you said. I would have much rather you been able to avoid this completely and focus on your life with your family without this journey at all! That being said, you never cease to amaze me with your writing and research. The ole’ Mohammed must go to the mountain mentality. Your inner strength is something to be rivaled! Love you~

    • Thanks! 🙂 There’s one thing you always do when you’re headed for a waterfall. You paddle the other way as fast as possible! That’s what I’m doing! 🙂

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