3 Bean Salad Recipe Just In Time For Independence Day

OK, it took some cajoling from a friend but I’m posting my 3 bean salad recipe just in time for independence day! 😀 I made it mostly from my home grown beans and some other items you can either choose to grow or buy. Either way, enjoy the holiday and maybe this salad too!

Now, I usually post cancer fighting recipes but I’m not sure that I would call this one a cancer fighter. There’s a bit too much sugar in it for me to feel comfortable about calling it a cancer fighting recipe BUT it’s definitely better than buying a jar of 3 bean salad with all of those chemicals and preservatives. 🙂 I would say, at a minimum, it’s cancer neutral and maybe even a cancer fighting recipe depending on how sweet you make it.


A bunch of green beans – if you eye ball it … about 2 cans full
A bunch of purple beans – if you eye ball it …. about 1 can full
1 can of kidney beans – I am growing something like this now in my garden
1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar – I didn’t measure…. I eye balled it again 🙂
1/3 cup of vegetable oil – same deal – I just eye balled it
1/2 cup of sugar
Salt and pepper to taste


Mix everything except the beans in a large bowl. Make sure that the bowl is big enough for the beans and then stir until the sugar dissolves. Taste it and decide if you need something. Remember, this is your salad so make it as sweet or tangy as you would like.

Bring water to boil in a large pot and cook your beans on medium-high for about 8 minutes and then drain the beans. Put the cooked beans in the bowl and mix it up. Whatever sugar is not dissolved will dissolve now. Then open the kidney beans, drain and rinse them off. Add them to the bowl as well. Keep stirring until that sugar is dissolved.


You can add onions, celery, peppers for color and flavor. You can add pimento and all sorts of other things to bring a bit of life and color to your 3 bean salad. 😀

Cancer Fighting Ingredients

I think there are some pretty good cancer fighting ingredients in this recipe. First we have the beans. They are organically grown beans from my garden. I grew a ton of Cantare beans (green) and a ton of Blauhilde beans (purple) in my garden. The blauhilde beans actually came back from last year. It was wild. Problem is, they came up all over the garden so, David and I dug them up and transplanted them into groups. We missed some though so we have random bean plants growing in our garden. Pretty funny, right?! 🙂

I have to tell you, I love the blauhilde beans. They grow huge and remain tender as long as you don’t let the beans in the pods get too large. 🙂 You do need some support for them since they grow to be 9 feet tall. Once they get going, they ramble up almost anything. They’re a great pole bean! Not only are they organically grown but they’ve got that purple color which we all know means they have the extra cancer fighting nutrient found in red and blue foods called anthocyanin. Think blueberries. Here’s a bit of information on it from The Guardian.

Researchers led by Monica Giusti, an expert in plant nutrients at Ohio State University, extracted anthocyanins from a variety of exotic and more common fruits and vegetables that all had a deep red, blue or purple hue and added them to flasks containing a suspension of human colon cancer cells.

When the team calculated how much of each extract was needed to reduce cancer cell growth by 50%, they found anthocyanin from purple corn to be the most potent. Chokeberries and bilberries were nearly as effective, while radish anthocyanin required nine times as much – or 131 micrograms per millilitre of cancer cell solution to cut cell growth by half. Read More

Now, don’t think that my plain old Contare green beans are a bunch of slouches when it comes to fighting cancer. Beans are really good for you and mine are grown organically. Now, I have to say, these Contare beans are really nice. Very tender and sweet and, while we’re talking about it, here’s n quick quote on green beans and their cancer fighting properties.

Recent studies have shown green bean consumption to be beneficial for preventing pre-cancerous polyps that commonly lead to colon cancer. Many studies have tried to link dry bean intake to cancer prevention, with limited results. However, new evidence suggests that increasing dietary green bean intake can reduce the risk of cancerous adenoma recurrence and colorectal cancer. More studies are ongoing, but that linkage is very important. Read More

Now, kidney beans are pretty good for you as well….even from the can! Kidney beans have flavonols which, just like the regular bean pod we eat, are great for you.  Flavanoids have an antioxidant affect on your cells, they are help control inflammation and have a number of other healthy properties. In fact, they may even fight cancer as well. Flavonols are a class of flavonoid. So, eating beans is a good thing!

In human subjects, high intake of flavonols, which are of greater concentrations in beans, has been inversely related to advanced adenomatous polyps recurrence. The five most consumed type of dry beans in this study, in descending order, were baked beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, lima beans and navy beans. Compared with subjects with low intake of dry beans, participants with the highest bean consumption had a significantly high reduction in the recurrence of advanced adenomas by 65 percent. (6)

Further research published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules found that “white kidney bean lectin exerts anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects on cancer cells.” (7) In general, beans are strong cancer-fighting foods, and kidney beans nutrition has demonstrated defense against several forms of cancer. Read More

Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient in our recipe that is very healthy for you. Now, when push comes to shove, eating this 3 bean salad isn’t gonna cure your cancer but at least it won’t increase your risk, right? At a bare minimum, apple cider vinegar contains a number of antioxidants and polyphenols. Polyphenols enhances your antioxidant protection and reduces cancer risk according to a number of studies. Here’s a pretty good quote from Dr. Oz. 🙂

So we did some digging and found some valid, science-backed benefits to vinegar that are worth sharing. In fact, research shows that vinegars contain antioxidants, which slow premature aging and reduce the risk of cancer Read More

Doctors have even found that apple cider vinegar seems to stabilize blood sugar. In fact, apple cider vinegar is often part of many alternative cancer cures although I cannot vouch for them as I have not tired them.

Now, here’s the thing. If you can find an acceptable way to sweeten this recipe without white sugar then you can actually turn this recipe into a pretty good cancer fighting recipe. I plan on experimenting a bit. I would also like to learn how to can a 3 bean salad recipe so we can have it shelf stable for the winter. I will be posting this recipe on my cancer fighting recipe page which you can find in the top menu or you can see it here.

I hope you try this one out and stay strong,
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