A Great Post by Beth’s Adventures with Carcinoid Cancer

I’ve posted a blurb and a link to a great post by Beth’s Adventures with Carcinoid Cancer. Beth is a friend I’ve met online and she writes a great blog as well. I think you would benefit greatly by checking out her blog. 

A Great Post by Beth’s Adventures with Carcinoid Cancer

Nancy Teixiera, a registered nurse and carcinoid patient, spoke to the New York Noids Support Group yesterday.  She is representing Wren Labs which is working with Clifton Life Sciences. Wren has developed a genetic marker specific to neuroendocrine tumors.  The test measures tumor activity at a cellular level. The NETest is a novel blood-based molecular diagnostic that provides highly sensitive and specific information with respect to tumor status and therapeutic efficacy. The test is unique in that it uses 51 neuroendocrine tumor- specific gene transcripts developed by Wren scientists. The NETest has been developed and validated in over 600 NET patients and can identify the presence and activity of NET cells circulating prior to the formation of metastatic tumor.  The idea is to have the test performed on a periodic basis and see if there is a trend.  Read More

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