Amazon Has Stopped Carrying B17

I went to purchase my usual bottle of B17 from Amazon and it was no longer there. Not here, not there not anywhere. I think Amazon has stopped carrying B17….or at least the brand that I am most comfortable with. I looked for an explanation and there was none. I guess it’s time to investigate this and find out more. You can find out more from Sandi Rog. If you have not heard of Sandi, she runs an entire blog about B17 and, as I understand it, she used B17 to beat cancer. Here’s a bit more.

I am a bit disturbed. They’re no longer selling the NovoDalin brand of B17 on Amazon. It’s nowhere to be found, and all those amazing reviews for how well it worked for cancer are gone. I’m glad I copied some of them for my blog, but I’m deeply troubled that it can’t be as easily bought online anymore. There are other brands on Amazon, but I don’t know how well they work. Read More

Amazon Has Stopped Carrying B17 But Does It Matter

Well, it does a bit but, in the end, not really. Amazon only made getting it easier to get B17 but if you have cancer, and use it as part of your fight against cancer, then I don’t think that will stop you from buying it. That is unless America follows Australia’s lead in banning apricot kernels. You can read about that here.

I’ve included a link to a new source for the same stuff I was getting before. Just go to the “stuff to get” page and you’ll see it. Here’s another thing that I’ve just read. It seems that the pills are not as good as the actual bitter apricot seeds. AND….as it turns out, you can still get the seeds on Amazon if you want to. My problem with buying the seeds from Amazon is that if a company will not sell a completely natural supplement like the B17 tablets then I don’t want the seeds from them either. Is that an overreaction? Maybe it is but, I always “vote” with my dollars so I will buy from another company as long as I can still get the same quality….and I can.  🙂  Here’s a bit more from Sandi’s blog.

I recently discovered that the apricot kernels are more potent than the tablet/capsule for battling cancer. According to Jason Vale (who cured his cancer with the seeds), in order to fight cancer, a person should eat 3-6 seeds per hour every day. For prevention, 10 is good. But the seeds MUST be of the BITTER variety. Read More

Personally, I can eat these without a problem. In fact, I grew to like them but I don’t see most people liking them. I plan to find ways to hide them in food for those who don’t like them. Not for myself but for others. I’m thinking the apple sauce is probably a good idea but we will see.

A Quick Overview Of B17

If you’ve never heard about B17, then let me give you a basic overview of what it is and how it works. First, you should know, B17 is a “slang” for the compound amigdalin. The reason it is called B17 is because the people who have discovered and used amigdalin to fight cancer noticed that amigdalin’s properties were similar to a “B vitamin”. So, for simplicity, amigdalin is often called Vitamin B17 or simply B17.

According to the literature, B17 works by tricking the cancer cell into absorbing a natural form of cyanide. Typically, people using B17 will use pancreatic enzymes to help with this process by freeing up your bodies naturally occurring pancreatic enzymes to dissolve this coating. This is done to destroy the defenses of the cancer cell. That is what the protein coating is for. The B17, or amigdalin, is a naturally occurring form of cyanide found in many fruits including apricots, apples and more. The cyanide is bound to a glucose molecule. The cancer sees the glucose absorbs it but also absorbs the cyanide and cell death is the result. Somehow, nature has protected normal cells by including a lock on both cancer and normal cells. The lock on cancer cells is unlocked by a unique “key” that only occurs on cancer cells. The same “key” does not occur on normal cells. The result is that only the cancer cells are poisoned. Amazing, isn’t it! Here’s a quick video about it.

You can read more in the book, “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin. You can get it on my “Stuff To Get” page and there is also a movie. In fact, you can see it on YouTube, I think. I also am in the middle of reviewing the book one chapter at a time. You might find it interesting. Here’s a link to the search results for all of the posts I’ve written reviewing the book. So, you can pick and choose. Read it here. I’ve also made my personal notes on the book available here.

Does It Work

Well, Sandi Rog says it works and so do a number of other people including respected doctors and scientists. In fact, there are a number of well respected doctors who worked in prestigious cancer hospitals that have said that B17 works….at least for some cancers. For me, it does not seem to have worked at least as far as I can tell. I am still taking B17 because it is natural and therefor I see no harm. I have decided to switch to the seeds since the tablets don’t seem to have worked. My thoughts are that I might as well change my approach and try the seeds themselves. At least, that’s how I see it.  I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the matter and if it has worked for you or a loved one in your cancer fight.

Stay strong and keep fighting,
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  1. I think every person has a different set of tools and keys in their blood and that finding the key that you are missing is important. For Sandi Rog it was the right key. I think that like in the Bible, rubbing natural spices and oils on the skin (4 hours maximum absorption time) is important to getting some unmetabolized apoptosis causing “keys” into the blood and lymphatic systems. See oleocanthal and citral.

    • Thanks but I think that is incorrect. In fact, there are a few links where you can get it online and I am fairly sure that they are US companies.

  2. I don’t understand how buying seeds from Amazon can give “reliability confidence.” The most well known supplier (that I will not name here) has been proven, by way of lab results, to contain only a tiny fraction of amygdalin; (literally a “fraction” of a milligram as opposed to 4mg for a truly potent seed). There have been people who have posted “zero results” for cancer types that should have responded to B17. It turned out their supplier was selling seeds which were dried incorrectly and thus lost its potency. The author of the above article mentions “Jason Vale.” His web site ( is one of only 3 suppliers who sell fully potent (4mg) apricot seeds and 99% potent amygdalin capsules. NOTE: There is a big difference between “Laetrile Tabs” (usually from Mexico) and “Amygdalin Capsules.” Laetrile is a synthesized _form_ of amygdalin that (theoretically) works the same way due to the primary chemical being the same as amygdalin. The supplier I mentioned above sells 99% pure amygdalin derived from their own apricots seeds, and they process it themselves in their own lab. If you are going to try and/or rely on B17, make sure you are buying _potency_ from your supplier. Any given supplier’s “assurance” is not good enough. A stock broker can “assure” you of a stock purchase. It means nothing. The supplier needs to show you actual lab results showing the _actual_ potency of their product. The above named supplier does, (and it is run by Jason Vale). Ps… At one time when I was treating both myself and my dog, I bought seeds from that other supplier and within 3 weeks both myself _and_ my dog’s condition very obviously regressed. I purchased new seeds from (above) and within 2 weeks both myself and my dog were back on track. My dog’s results were _visibly_ evident.

    • I was using something they no longer carry and a friend of mine used the brand to effectively heal her cancer (her testimony not mine). Any how, as I said, it didn’t see to work for me. 🙂 I may try again.

  3. At my suggestion, my brother has been treating his dog, which was diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live (5 years ago), with amygdalin powder capsules. About a year ago he told me about these “amygdalin capsules” he bought super-super-super cheap (compared to “normal sources”) and contained quadruple the number of capsules, that he found on Amazon. The bottle said Amygdalin from apricot seeds – 500mg capsules” I looked it up myself. I noticed that the “powder” inside the capsules was brown rather than white, as would be with pure amygdalin. I quickly figured out that the capsules did not contain “500mg of Amygdalin.” They actually contained “500mg of ground-up apricot seeds.” This meant each capsule, though it weighed 500mg, actually contained no more than about 4mg of amygdalin, and that assumes that the apricot seeds used were fully potent; which is very unlikely due to various drying methods, some of which destroys B17. So, he had gone from giving his dog 500mg of amygdalin 3 times daily, to (a max of) 4mg 3 times daily. My brother was blown away when he realized I was correct about all of this. Note that the bottle my brother bought was (technically) “honest” in it’s labeling. It said “Amygdalin from apricot seeds – 500mg capsules.” It _was_ from apricot seeds, which means it (maybe) had amygdalin in it, and each capsules weighed 500mg. But it was not 500mg of amygdalin. Lesson Learned: “Saving money” on these products is like buying antibiotics from China, and “buying from Amazon” is not an assurance of anything.

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