Announcing My New Blog Called Cancer Commerce Corner

Today, is a different kind of blog post. 🙂 I have started a new blog called Cancer Commerce Corner. Since being diagnosed I have heard over and over that there should be a way to list all of the businesses of everyone with cancer. So…I’m doing it. In fact, it’s 90% set up already. 🙂

It Will Be Inclusive

To be honest, it’s not only for those people with businesses but I will be including links to people who have crowd funding pages as well. It will be very inclusive AND FREE ! 🙂  Things might change but that’s my plan. Later, I will try to offer more upscale services for a fee but that’s for another time. Right now, I’m just focusing on getting everything up and running. I’m not taking accepting ads yet because I need to set everything up. At first, I will only be taking ads, or listings, for people with Carcinoid and Net Cancer. Oh, it will be for crafters and etsy people too… you know…. people who are trying to earn money but don’t have a “real” business. So, if you make wreaths or sell photographs or make scrapbook cards then you will be able to list. 🙂

What’s The Big Idea

So, here’s the idea. Everybody with cancer (or those who support those with cancer) that want to list a business, crowd funding page, a small etsy page and so on will be able to do so. Of course there will be rules to these listings and I will have the final say as to if they go up or not but that’s the idea. The ads will be categorized and searchable by type of business, locations, type of cancer and so on. THE BIG IDEA IS SUPPORT. I want to be a force for good so, that is what this is about. Me trying to help others. 🙂

Please Be Patient While I Finish

I am still putting it all together so, I hope you will be patient but I will keep you posted as I make progress. 🙂 Please visit and tell me any suggestions or comments you might have. This is the time since nothing is finalized. 🙂

*** You can visit the website here – Welcome to Cancer Commerce Corner

I hope your week if full of goodness, 🙂
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