Back In The Hospital

I am exhausted. I ended up back in the hospital again the night before last. Basically, I have tumors in my intestines and when things go bad they go very bad.  Uh, what a night. I will tell you one thing…on the bright side…I have an incredible family. They stuck with me through the whole thing!

What’s With Some People

Well, I woke up in pain and it all boils down to the fact that my tumors were creating a blockage. What a nightmare. You know, I have to say, I don’t understand some people.

We called the ambulance and from the moment they arrived they were hostile. I knew the drill from the last time we called the hospital. My house has stairs and if you can walk then they would rather that you walk to the ambulance. I could walk so I slowly made my way down the hall. They never asked me if I was OK and proceeded to question my wife as if she had done something wrong. She told them that I had cancer and that I was in pain. I started gagging. My wife ran for a bucket that has become standard equipment for my family and they stood and watched. I didn’t get sick and then they began to pepper me with questions! Thankfully, I was nauseous and couldn’t answer. It’s the first time I’ve ever been happy to be nauseous. I was pissed. I slowly made my way down the stairs to the ambulance. My legs were trembling but I made it.

I asked for pain meds and they implied that I was a druggie and proceeded to give me the inquisition from my house to the hospital. They were literally hostile. I wish I had the same guys that came last time. All those guys wanted to do was help. They asked questions but there was no hostility.

Back In The Hospital

We chose to purchase a house that is literally 5 minutes from a hospital but that really didn’t seem to pay off…at least this time. We were there for 3 and 1/2 hours before a doctor came to see us. As it turns out, there was only 1 doctor on staff for the entire emergency room. Next time I will go back to Duke. There were so many doctors checking on me and nurses that I couldn’t sleep last time. I didn’t sleep this time either but it was because I was in so much pain. I will take the former.

So, as it turns out my tumors were inflamed which has now been resolved through medication. Thank you modern medicine. They took a CT scan of my intestines and were able to diagnose that my tumors were inflamed. Don’t ask me how they knew that! I had never been to this hospital before so, they had no history to refer to. I guess that there is some sort of way to tell. Any how, I think that because I had no history with this hospital this may have also delayed my treatment. I’m not sure. If so, I wonder if I can “register” with them in some way to get better service next time.

Eventually I did see the doctor and after reviewing my scans gave me pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds and antibiotics.  We got home at 5 am.

The Bright Side

My wife and son stuck by my side the whole night. I only got rid of them after the doctor came. Then they went home. My son stood by my side rubbed my arm, sat in the chair for hours and never cried, acted poorly and constantly checked on me.  I am so blessed. He’s only 7. What a sweet child. Needless to say, we’ve been showing him extra attention these last few days and he has a special gift coming in the mail for being so good. I was in my own bed last night but didn’t sleep much. We let our son sleep in our bed and he slept like a rock. 🙂

Time to rest,
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  1. Not sure if it’s feasible, but maybe a complaint should be sent to the ambulance company. It’s so wrong to treat someone like that! Are they so jaded they cant show some compassion for someone in pain? Someone in need of help! I’m so proud Of David. You’ve taught him what it means to care.

  2. I sometimes feel like the world as it is has taken compassion out of the medical world. Dale went through similar circumstances with an ER Doctor who accused him of being a drug addict, and insulted us both. I was so angry at the time I was shaking, and all Dale wanted to do was leave as a result. I’m sorry you had that experience. Lord knows, with everything on your plate, you don’t need that insult added to it. I hope you’re feeling a little better!

    • Hi Beth, Yes! Feeling much better. I think we all get treated to these bad experiences, right. I’ve read a few of yours and a few on a couple of other blogs. I guess we just have to put up with care givers who don’t care sometimes. Sad but true. How are you doing? Rocking retirement?! 🙂

  3. A very helpful radiographer told me that infamation shows up as a hot spot on a scan and said it could show up a bit like the pictures you see on the tv when police chase the criminals by heat detection. It depends on the scan. Awful treatment glad your improving again. best wishes Christine

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