Being Frugal When You Have Cancer

As if cancer isn’t bad enough, it usually comes with money trouble. Job loss is not uncommon because of the inability to work or because of being wrongfully terminated. I was surprised to find out that it is not uncommon to be wrongfully terminated because of cancer. In addition, as cancer patients, we all know how expensive insurance is, chemotherapy our prescriptions and so on. So, to me, being frugal when you have cancer is a survival skill. 🙂  So, I’ve decided to post on living frugally with cancer every so often.

A Reality Check

Many people are often not aware that cancer comes with a guaranteed surgery … to your bank account! Even if the cancer patient is able to hold on to their job, which seems to be fairly rare, they are still given the added financial burden of missed days at work, increased doctor visits, medical bills, insurance deductibles and so on. That is, if they have insurance. This is probably not news to you but, if you have cancer, you are almost 3 times as likely to go bankrupt as other people.

Because of this, filing bankruptcy is a common option to take.   In some amazing data mining and analytics of Washington State records, researchers looked at information from 1995 to 2009 on cancer patients and non cancer patients.  They found that people with cancer had a rate of bankruptcy filings that was 2.65 times higher than people without cancer.  They also found that younger people, especially younger women, were more likely to have to file for bankruptcy. Read More At Medvizor

Frugal Not Cheap

Before I was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer, Lisa and I would make it a habit to purchase the best quality that we could afford and then hold on to it as long as possible. It’s an old fashioned concept that we adopted from our grandparent’s generation. We still do this. Today, it seems, everyone does the opposite. They buy something at the cheapest price possible and plan on discarding it later. I wear my clothing until they start to become holy er, um…. holey and then…. they become my gardening duds. 😀  Cars are driven until they cannot be driven. Things are fixed and not thrown away. Fixing David’s toys are is of my favorite things to do. I sit with him and scheme aloud, “How can we fix this?” and then we try. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we fix it. When we fail, well it’s OK but when we fix it… oh what a celebration!!! He shows his mom and walks around with his chest out and shows his friends. It’s a lot of fun. If his friends are around then we involve them. Kids are so smart! 🙂

I Found A Deal

Ha ha ha!!! Yes, that’s pretty much what this is about. I found a deal that I wanted to pass on and maybe help everyone save a few dollars. It’s a pack of 3 T-Shirts for men in various colors for only $16.00Here’s the link

They seem to run a size too small but Amazon is very liberal with their return policies so, if you size it wrong just return it. The shirt is not made poorly and seems pretty rugged. They are very comfortable too. 🙂

I also found these sweat pants they seem well made and come in a bunch of colors as well. It’s a set of 2 for only $16.00 and these run true to size. Here’s the link

If you play your cards right, you can have an entire outfit for under $20.00 😀

Lisa says that’s not something I should be bragging about! 😀  Hey, I love a good deal don’t you?

I will try to share any deals that I happen to find and, in the future, I will try to share actual TIPS for being frugal when you have cancer rather than just a deal. I think we can all benefit from this even if we only share with others who may need a bit of a financial break.

Stay strong,
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  1. Great,advise Ed, thank you! May I share another tip with you to share with your peeps? I have been doing this periodically since I was diagnosed, the last time was Wednesday. I called our TV provider as they raised our bill, again. This time I said”we now have Roku”, meaning hundreds of channels and news, Netflix and the like ( for $ 8 per month). I got our bill cut in HALF! I told them I really didn’t need their service except my husband likes it. It didn’t take long,at all either. No waiting on hold nor any game playing. And, no worries if you are Low Tech like me, it was easy!

    • Ha! Good one! I’ve haven’t had cable TV in 10 years…easy. I cut the cord waaaay back in the day! 😀 Still, my Internet bill is about $70.00 !!! I have to find a way to cut that bill. I was thinking I might try to get an unlimited data plan on my phone and try tethering my computer to it and streaming it to my TV – 😛 Still investigating.

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