Big Pharma Conspiracy Or Fact

First, let me start of with a bit of humor. There are a lot of things that annoy me but clichés hold a special place in that list. Here’s a short list. See if you agree.  🙂   Fast Drivers, Slow Drivers, Other Drivers, Schools That Market and Sell Fast Food to Kids, Food Labels Written With Microscopic Fonts.. and… and… Clichés…. and I better stop there…..this list would be too long!

OK, let’s talk about clichés. Clichés drive me crazy. It’s not because, at some point, clichés didn’t represent the truth but because they have been so popularized that they have lost meaning.  Big Pharma is on my list. Yup. Most people who have read my blog would be surprised to hear me say that. But, is big pharma conspiracy or fact? Let’s discuss it and why it has become a cliché. 

Big Pharma Has Become A Cliché

Writing a blog has given me a unique opportunity to experience things that other people do not have the opportunity to see. Among those things is the “cliché crowd”. There are a group of people who would rather not think. People who belong to this group use clichés to opt out of the work of thinking. Let me give you an example. Tell somebody that you want to change a law and the cliché crowd will pop up and say things like “You can’t fight city hall.” Here’s another example. Tell somebody that you are annoyed with a politician and the “cliché crowd” will pop up and say things like “All politicians are the same.” or “Liberals are weak” or “Conservatives are nazis” or a myriad of other clichés. Tell somebody you have cancer and the “cliché crowd” will say things like the “Legalize it” (meaning pot), “Eat Blueberries” (and various other foods) and the worst of all of them is “Big Pharma Is Suppressing The Cure for Cancer”. Now, I’m not saying this is  NOT true but I am saying that it has become a cliché and requires very little thought to say without most people nodding in agreement. “Big Pharma” has become the guy in a red devil suit swinging his pointy tail around smirking on top of a pile of money with a test tube labelled “cancer cure”. Get the picture? No? Ok, maybe this will help. 🙂


But is Big Pharma Conspiracy Or Fact? Let’s talk about it and dismiss some of the thoughtless banter that revolves around this subject. (BTW, if you haven’t seen this episode of the “Odd Couple” then it’s required watching!)

Big Pharma Conspiracy Or Fact

First, let me refer you to a book that has become a standard in the debate over “Big Pharma”. It is called “Rockefeller Medicine”. I’ve linked to it on my Stuff To Get page. It outlines the basic premise behind the idea of what has been coined “Big Pharma”. I have not read the book but it is on my reading list. Basically, the book demonstrates how big oil barons took control of the cancer industry to turn it into a money making system for themselves to the detriment of the cancer patients. Since they are corporations, their main concern is profits and not cancer patients.

So, getting to the point, “Big Pharma” has become a faceless, mystical phrase that is used without thought to find an easy answer to tough questions. That’s why I”m sick of it. If we are going to blame somebody for the lack of a cure then let’s get more specific than some mystical phrase.

Often, when I see this phrase used in the comments section of a blog post or news article I will reply and ask “Who exactly is big pharma?”. Typically, I get very few replies. The question usually goes unanswered.  Sometimes I do get a reply like “Are you kidding me? or they call me a troll or they say that I’m ignorant and it often gets worse than that. You see, when you confront somebody’s ignorance they often ignore you, give you another meaningless answer or get angry. Let’s not go there today.

The ignorance comes from both sides of the coin. I often hear from people who refuse to think about it deeply that there is no such thing as “big pharma” and that it’s a conspiracy theory. Calling things a conspiracy theory has become another cliché . It let’s you off the hook and allows you to dismiss somebody without doing the hard work of research. They usually proclaim that something has been “debunked” while having no proof to back up their claims….or at least very minimal proof.

Let Me Try To Answer The Question

So, is “big pharma” conspiracy or fact? Here is my attempt at answering the question. First, let’s try to define “big pharma”, examine some evidence and see where we end up at the end.

Big Pharma Defined

The term “big pharma”, “big farma”, “big hollywood” and big whatever you want comes from the concept of “big business”. The idea that giant, money swollen corporations control your every waking moment is where these clichés come from.

Garbage Dump By Robert Camacho

Now, when I read most comments, blog posts and talk with people they often speak about “big pharma” as if it is a person with consciousness. Sentient evil. Think red devil suit with pointy tail. It’s not. If “big pharma” is anything it is a network of publicly traded and private businesses run by billionaires, pimped to politicians by lobbyists and financed by the public when they purchase the stock in their 401k accounts and private holdings. It is Capitalism. It is America. Sorry, it’s true. I’m not saying that our founding fathers intended this but, sadly, this is the state of the union as we speak. Here’s a quote from an article you may be interested in reading from Natural News.

 No matter what junk science the global corporations are trying to push, there’s always a long list of scientists, doctors and journalists ready to accept some payola money to spread their propaganda. The latest example comes from the Coca-Cola company, which paid “fitness and nutrition experts” to place pro-Coke articles in over 1,000 news websites (including major newspapers) to position Coca-Cola as a “healthy snack.” Read More

You see, most of these companies are publicly run and their prime responsibility is to the cancer patient stock holder. They are required to make a profit for their stake holders. Are you a stake holder? In fact, here is President Trump meeting with “Big Pharma”. You see… people. People making money off of selling you prescriptions.


So, in itself, making money by selling prescription drugs is not a crime but what is horrible at the bare minimum is that the pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits selling Americans these drugs but are selling them for less in other foreign markets. Here’s a quote from 100 oncologists that got together to wage war on the price of cancer drugs.

Today, the 10-year survival rate is 90 percent and the price has tripled to roughly $92,000.The authors claim the drug companies are taking advantage of patients in need. Read More on CBS

Now, let me address one thing before we get going too far down this road. Big Pharma is NOT your nurse, your doctor or your oncologist. I read an article that I despise . It said that oncologists were salesmen and that they were using a “pitch” to sell you a product. Here’s a quote from the article.

Treating cancer is this man’s occupation. It’s how he earns a living and provides for his family. Every cancer patient that walks in his office represents thousands of dollars of profit. He’s essentially a salesman selling his services with a very powerful sales pitch: “If you don’t do what I say, you’re going to die.”

We all know that fear is one of the best motivators there is, and this guy had me by the “you-know-whats.”  Had I not already started to do research on my own, and already read other survivors testimonies; I probably would have done what most cancer patients do and schedule the chemo.

I wonder how many dollar signs he saw floating over my head that day… Read More on Chris Beat Cancer

I’m gonna straight up tell you that I find this kind of talk deplorable. Yes, he earns thousands of dollars doing his job but do you think he is going to look you in the eye and lie to you? Sell you things just to line his pockets. I’m sure that there are some. We’ve all heard horror stories but, to characterize oncologists as sales people with a pitch is despicable. Most oncologist, surgeons, nurses, imaging technicians care about you. No, you are not their family but most of them care. Yes, I’ve had a bad bunch in my own cancer journey but still, I found doctors who worked for me and overall, most of them care. It’s a shame that he has the nerve to pen that sort of thing.

The Conspiracy

So, the conspiracy that drug companies are holding back the cure… big pharma conspiracy or fact??? Well, let me put it this way. It’s much easier for the members of a board of directors of a billion dollar company to make cruel decisions than it would be for an oncologist to make the same sort of decision. Do I know for sure that it is real? Absolutely….not. 😀 Do I think it is possible. Absolutely….yes. Here are a few reasons.

They never see your face – It’s much easier to be cruel if you never see the faces of the people you are harming.

Profits – You see, most of these corporations are billion dollar, international corporations run by a board of directors. So, when they vote to raise a price or make certain drugs unavailable, they’re just one vote. It’s easy to justify your vote if you claim to be protecting the investments of the share holders.

Greed – I will not discount greed as a factor for many business decisions including the distribution of highly effective medical treatments and drugs. Is it possible that they are holding back a drug because of greed? Sure, why not? It’s human nature.

Eugenics – I’ll bet that I caught you off guard with that one. Yup, eugenics. No, we’re not talking gas chambers but we are talking about a moneyed elite that, in many cases believe that  they are “well bred” and you are not. One only needs to bring up the famous Tuskegee program to see that eugenics is alive and well.  TUSKEGEE!!!  I’ve seen those pictures..and they’re in black and white. That’s OLD!!! OK, here’s an article from 2007 where the famous scientist who discovered DNA says that black people are less intelligent…and that’s not all he said.

One of the world’s most eminent scientists was embroiled in an extraordinary row last night after he claimed that black people were less intelligent than white people and the idea that “equal powers of reason” were shared across racial groups was a delusion. Read More at the Independent

 There are people in this world who believe in the evolutionary theory of “survival of the fittest”, and if you have cancer, they see you as less “fit” than those who don’t have cancer. Just maybe you shouldn’t be passing along those inferior genes to the next generation? I know it’s horrible but there are some that do believe these things.

So, are there rebuttals to each of these ideas? Of course there are. Do they hold water? Well, some do and some don’t and really this is a very controversial idea so, I will let you make up your own mind. Still, I won’t leave you hanging. Big pharma conspiracy or fact – what do I think? I think it’s true…partially. Here’s a quote from Bill Gates.

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent” Read More on WND

Ask yourself, how exactly will we get that number down 10 or 15 percent? Who will be sterile, who will die early and who will only be able to afford a single child among other reasons? I guarantee you that no matter what “policy” they put into place to control us..they will not include themselves.

I don’t think our doctors are involved, I don’t think our oncologists or nurses are involved and even some of the board members at the top may be ignorant of it. I do believe, that the true moneyed elite…those dark eugenicists who want “workers not thinkers”, thank you George Carlin, that are behind the scenes have originally set up a system to make the most money as possible from us. They set up systems to make money from our labor, our consumption and our healthcare system. After all, they see you as a resource just like a laser printer. They consider us “human resources”. Something to be maintained but discarded when it becomes too expensive. Eugenics hides under various names “population control” is a good one.

Still, I think it’s an old system and I think it is crumbling and no longer as “air tight” as it once was. I think it was previously based on ethnicity and a lot of those paradigms are becoming less popular. At least publicly. Finally, I think many of these eugenicists are either dying or dead. When they do try to pull something off they are often the target of lawsuits whereas in the past they were untouchable robber barons. Just recently, India sued Bill Gates for testing vaccines on young Indian girls. Here’s the link if you’re interested

So, what I am saying is that I think there are remnants of a previous eugenic mindset based on ethnicity and a belief that some are better than others. AND I think there are some today who are definitely eugenicists and see themselves as a “cut” above the common man or certain races. So, I think it’s a mixed bag.

Either way, true or not, we must be our own advocates. We must research and not accept the “standard” answer as it may not be OUR best answer to fight our cancer. If we let things “slip” then there are plenty of people who are willing to make money off of our lack of effort be they crooked doctors or an entire medical system. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust but verify”.

Be strong…research…ask questions,
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  1. I used to have somewhat similar ideas about big pharma until I got cancer. I see how proprietary researchers are with their research, even amongst the same university systems, i.e. UtSouthwestern and MD Anderson which I believe is also part of the UT system. If someone develops the cure for cancer, they stand to make billions of dollars. Why would they not want to reveal the cure? I have found my oncologists to be very conservative in suggesting chemo, PRRT etc if they do t think it is the right thing. I really do think most doctors care.

    • Yes, I agree but what I am saying is that I think there are remnants of a previous eugenic mindset based on ethnicity and elitisms. AND I think there are some today who are definitely eugenicists and see themselves as a “cut” above the common man. So, I think it’s a mixed bag. Did I get that across or were you just adding to the discussion? 🙂 Hmmm… maybe I better refine my post?

  2. Have you researched turkeytail mushrooms. The reviews are amazing. I’m personally taking them I was having irregular periods and eczema, all cleared up and I haven’t had a cold in two years. I was getting the supplement now I grow my own..the most common mushroom in the woods used in japan since forever. Worth googling. Good luck to you sir

  3. Very good article. Often, people miss the point about conspiracy theories. Because of the nature of a conspiracy, we often have to use inference and deductive reasoning to figure it out because the conspirators are not going to confess. Another element is that most of the people that are working to support the conspiracy are often just ‘cogs in the machine’. For instance, your oncologist, by law, cannot share any alternative cancer treatments with patients. If he did, he would probably have his license to practice stripped (as have many medical heretics). The conspiracy was the construction of the system that is biased to automatically protect Big Pharma profits and eliminate competition. So your average physician, nurse, etc., probably does care about patients, wants to see them get better. I have talked to doctors that hate the system as much as we do but they are constrained by it. The only thing I can see that will stop this is for average people to educate themselves about health and the truth about cancer treatments.

    • Thanks. It’s hidden and goes against what most people have been taught is good, moral behavior so they cannot accept that maybe somebody would put money over the health of the patient. Meanwhile, smoking is not banned. Why? Same reason. Who coined the phrase “Tobacco Science”? I think it was a Kennedy. We have to research, pray and ask God’s guidance to help us find the right path. After all, all cancers are different.

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