Black Raspberry Powder By Beth McGivern

Prior to reading the carcinoid message boards I had never heard of a black raspberry much less black raspberry powder. BRP is a powder made from dehydrated black raspberries. Dr. Woltering at Louisiana State University is a strong proponent of BRP and believes that it inhibits tumor angiogenesis. Tumor angiogenesis is the sprouting of new blood vessels that enable tumors to grow. There has been a lot of research done on BRP, mostly in labs and on mice, but no human clinical trials that I know of. Dr. Woltering’s paper on BRP and its angiogenesis properties can be found here…..

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  1. Black raspberry powder also tends to help with the diarrhea that a lot of folks with carcinoid have. Dr. Woltering just mentioned on the acor carcinoid e-group that he is in discussion with a major producer of BRP on alternate products – e.g., a syrup. You also need to know to get rid of the seeds when preparing your powder as a tea or some such.

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