Breakfast Risotto with Raisins Is A Vegetarian Breakfast You Will Love

I’ve been trying to change how I eat to combat my cancer and I have been frustrated with the lack of veggie based breakfasts. Or…to say it better…I’ve been frustrated that all of the breakfast choices seem to be meat based, bread based or junk food. Yes, I have posted on cooking awesome oatmeal that you can read about here. Yes, I love it but, you can only eat so many oats. 🙂 I think my breakfast risotto with raisins is a vegetarian breakfast you will love. I really do!

Breakfast Risotto With Raisins Is A Vegetarian Breakfast You Will Love

Now, I wouldn’t say that this recipe is a cancer fighter BUT it’s not a meat based start to your day and it’s not a junky processed cereal or fast food either. So, in a way, it’s a cancer fighter by holding the line. Yeah, that’s cheating a little but, I’m gonna put it into the cancer fighting recipe page anyhow. Maybe I’ll make a category for “at least it’s not meat”.  🙂  Anyhow, you CAN add things to make it a cancer fighter like organic fruits and you can make it with coconut milk which is also a cancer fighter. This recipe is kind of neutral. Nothing overtly anticancer but at the same time it’s pretty healthy. Here’s the recipe.


1 Cup of left over risotto
1 Glug of whatever you made the rice with. I used coconut milk. (I stole “glug” from Jamie Oliver…heh, glug) – enough to make it creamy again
A Pat of butter
A Bunch of raisins
A Sprinkle of Cinnamon (my wife hates when I do this….not one measurement!)
A Generous Helping of Pine Nuts
Salt to taste

Add all of the ingredients at once, heat it up until it’s warm, put it in a bowl and enjoy it.
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