Broccoli Juice Version 2 With Oranges

You probably know that juicing is one of the easiest ways to get the nutrients of vegetables and fruit into your body without eating tons of them in each sitting. My plan is to supplement my diet with juices so that I can get the number of servings of fruit and veggies that I consume up to around 10 a day. So, in that vein, I have posted my new and improved recipe for broccoli juice version 2 with oranges.

Broccoli has been shown to be a top cancer fighter among it’s vegetable piers. It’s also a great vegetable to use in liver detox. Because my tumors have metastasized to my liver I’m trying my best to get as much broccoli into my diet as possible. Also, it’s part of my personal detox program that I have been working on.

Here’s a quick video about the benefits of broccoli. It’s worth a look.


My previous juice recipe was “OK” but, I really wanted something that was a bit less broccoli tasting. So, I thought I would brainstorm some of the food combinations that I enjoy. One of those combinations happens to be broccoli with oranges in my Chinese food. My thoughts were that the oranges would tone down the broccoli taste. Here’s the result of that experiment….I like it.  Tell me if you like it as well. 🙂


This makes about 1, 10 to 12 oz. servings
1 head of broccoli (florets and stalks)
2 oranges
1 cucumber
2 carrots


Peel oranges and juice away!

Now, how do I use broccoli sprouts?  🙂

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  1. Ed,
    just learned about this site on youtube that has great info on nutrition and, in particular, the cancer diet.

    Search for on youtube, then cancer diet.

    Good luck!

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