BOO! Don’t Be Afraid of Broccoli Juice It’s a Cancer Fighter

It sounds so gross doesn’t it? Broccoli juice. Just typing the words makes me think of beaded hipsters comparing notes on gluten. 🙂 Seriously, don’t be afraid of broccoli juice! Here’s the truth, if it was gross I would still drink it because it’s one of the top cancer fighters around. Now, with all that being said, I can confidently tell you that broccoli juice is not gross….at least this recipe isn’t. You believe me, right?

Yes, I know, what I said about flipping the beet/carrot ratio on it’s head? What about Kaboom Juice version 2? 🙂 I’m still going to drink Kaboom Juice Version 2 but, I need to mix it up a bit. Variety is the spice of life, right?!  So here’s my recipe for Broccoli Battle Juice: (version 2 may be on the way)

Ingredients for 1 glass: (About 8 oz.)
1 large head Broccoli

1 large stalk Celery
1 Apple
4 Carrots
3 Slices of Ginger (About the Size of a Quarter)

Ingredients for 4 glasses: (About 8 oz.)
4 large head Broccoli

4 large stalk Celery
4 Apple
16 Carrots
9 Slices of Ginger (About the Size of a Quarter or one big chunk)

This juice is definitely “earthy” and you can taste the broccoli but not as strongly as you would think. When you really think about it Broccoli Battle Juice is really just a classic Carrot Apple juice recipe with broccoli thrown in for good measure. I will be experimenting with adding beets instead of carrots and maybe even adding garlic for the afternoon “snack”.

Take a look at some of the beneficial effects cruciferous veggies can have from this page on (click this link to visit the page).

 Studies in animals and experiments with cells grown in the laboratory have identified several potential ways in which these compounds may help prevent cancer:

  • They help protect cells from DNA damage.
  • They help inactivate carcinogens.
  • They have antiviral and antibacterial effects.
  • They have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • They induce cell death (apoptosis).
  • They inhibit tumor blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) and tumor cell migration (needed for metastasis).

Studies in humans, however, have shown mixed results

The mixed results are all based upon the type of cancer and the type of vegetable being used. Overall, it is my understanding that cruciferous vegetables are great cancer fighters. It seems that the best stragety is to eat a wide variety of them unless you know exactly how an individual veggie will affect the cancer you want to fight. This is my beginning and I hope you will try it.

To your health,
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