Broccoli Soup is a Delicious Cancer Fighter – Update – Go Raw or Get Steamed

*** UPDATE ***I just found out that the primary cancer fighting compound in broccoli is destroyed almost completely when you cook it. So….this is delicious and it’s not meat but, not so much a cancer fighter. You can read more in my post about broccoli sprouts – here.

OK, I know it sounds like a punishment but trust me this is good! As it turns out, broccoli soup is a delicious cancer fighter. Whooda thunk it?   I wish I could say that I made this one up BUT….I didn’t. I stole it from Gordon Ramsay. I’m sure he never realized that the soup he was making was a cancer fighter. In fact, he makes a joke about vegetarians in the video. You can see it below but first here are the ingredients and directions. 🙂


A huge heaping pile of broccoli Florettes
Goat Cheese
Some Walnuts (or the nut of your choice)
Olive Oil (just a dash)


Bring the water to a rapid boil
Add salt to the water
Put your broccoli in the boiling water and cover for about 4 minutes
When the broccoli is easily cut with a knife remove them from the water
While still steaming hot, put your broccoli in a blender
Add enough of the saved green water to fill the container about half way
Give it a whir or two and then blend until it is smooth
Salt to taste
Put a nice hunk of goat cheese on the bottom of the bowl with some nuts (optional)
Pour the soup in, add a drizzle of olive oil on the top and enjoy!

This is so delicious….I swear. My 6 year old son even likes it. Yup, a 6 year old eating broccoli. I would put my hand on the Bible if you asked me to. It’s no lie!  🙂 I think it’s the goat cheese that made him like it. Oh yeah, when you eat it take a bit of goat cheese with each spoonful. I even mix it in a bit. Here’s the video:


If you’re looking for more cancer fighting recipes you can look at my recipe page. Also, if you would like to read my post about the veggies that I found most commonly listed as cancer fighters you can see my post “A Master List of Cancer Fighting Veggies“. Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable and is one of the top cancer fighting veggies.

Enjoy and stay healthy,
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