Calling All Carcinoids Calling All Nets

I’ve just begun to realize how many of us carcinoid and neuroendocrine patients actually blog. It’s quite a few. It’s funny though, these blogs are not easy to find. I’m not sure why. Maybe we don’t get many hits because our cancer is so rare or maybe we need to work on a little SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you use WordPress a lot of that is available via plug-ins. Any way, I know that another reason might be because we do not link enough to each others blogs. So, I have been trying to do that on my links page. You can also access it via the menu at the top. Calling all carcinoids calling all NETs. Please submit your blog, or any other active blog, that you feel might help either on this page or the links page. Just leave a comment. 🙂

Calling All Carcinoids Calling All Nets

After browsing for more blogs that focus on our particular type of cancer, I realized that maybe I could perform a service for my carcinoid and NET friends by listing as many active blogs as possible. Maybe I can create a small resource center for carcinoid and NET patients?  I would like to do that. So, take a look and if you don’t see a link to a blog that you think belongs there please let me know and I will add it. Also, check for your own blog. If you don’t like the little blurb I’ve created for you please feel free to submit your own and I will modify it. 🙂

Here’s to us!
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