Cancer Fighting Recipes

Here Are My Cancer Fighting Recipes.

These recipes are the ones I’m using to fight my cancer. A new catch phrase going around is “Food is Medicine” and I’m hoping that’s true. Take a look at my post about “In Vitro and In Vivo Testing and What it Means to Your Cancer Fight“. Pay special attention to the video in the post and you’ll see why I have such high hopes. So, here is what I’m using. As we speak I have a jug of broccoli juice sitting in my fridge with my name on it.  🙂  Also, here is a list of Cancer Fighting Foods so that you can create your own recipes.

Beet Juice from Carcinoid-Cancer.Com

Juice Recipes

 Broccoli Juice Version 2 with OrangesYou probably know that juicing is one of the easiest ways to get the nutrients of vegetables and fruit into your body without eating tons of them in each sitting. My plan is to supplement my diet with juices so that I can get the number of servings of fruit and veggies that I consume up to around 10 a day. So, in that vein, I have posted my new and improved recipe for broccoli juice version 2 with oranges. Read More

broc_juice_smBroccoli Juice – It sounds so gross doesn’t it? Broccoli juice. Just typing the words makes me think of beaded hipsters comparing notes on gluten. :-) Seriously, don’t be afraid of broccoli juice! Here’s the truth, if it was gross I would still drink it because it’s one of the top cancer fighters around. Now, with all that being said, I can confidently tell you that broccoli juice is not gross….at least this recipe isn’t. You believe me, right? Read More

Beet Juice from Carcinoid-Cancer.Com

Kaboom Cancer Fighting Juice Version 2 –  I have been reading about the benefits of various veggies and their cancer fighting superpowers. :-) As it turns out, beets are the hero and carrots are the sidekick. I have found out that beets are much more effective in fighting cancer than carrots are. So, I am changing the quantities of my juice recipe around a bit.  Read More

Veggies to Juice from Carcinoid-Cancer.Com

Kaboom Cancer Fighting Juice – Slowly but surely I am being convinced that I need to switch to a diet that consists of less meat and more fruit and vegetables. Now, I have to be honest, this is not what I would normally choose. I am a red blooded carnivore. I like meat. Growl.  🙂  My kaboom cancer fighting juice is my first effort at changing my ways. Read More



strawberrybananasmoothie_02Strawberry Banana Anticancer Smoothie – I made ice cream! Well, not exactly. I made a super thick strawberry banana anticancer smoothie. It’s sooooo gooooood!!!! :-)  It’s sweet and tasty and you need a spoon to eat it. So here’s the recipe and, below the recipe, the reason it is an anticancer smoothie. Read More


Meals and Snacks

sweet potato pot pieCancer Fighting Recipe Sweet Potato Pot PieThis recipe is easy and quick and healthy. The ingredients are simple. It’s main ingredients include sweet potatoes, spinach, goat cheese a bit of milk and phyllo dough.  If you’re trying to stay dairy free then you might substitute goat milk for the cow milk in the recipe. Goat milk is easier on the digestion of humans and is more tolerable to those who have issues with cow milk. Read More

Gourmet Cancer Fighting Salad from Carcinoid-Cancer.Com

Gourmet Cancer Fighting Salad – I have just found out some wonderful news. My favorite salad is actually a gourmet cancer fighting salad! For the longest time my wife has made me this salad and I could eat the whole bowl in one sitting because it’s that good! If you’re looking for something a bit different to add to  your healthy cancer fighting regimen then you might want to try this out. It’s sweet and tangy and has a bit of nuts to make it crunchy. <<spoiler alert>> When you add in the spinach you’re getting one of the top cancer fighting veggies thrown in for good measure. If you haven’t seen this video yet then take a moment to watch. It’s all about which veggies are the best cancer fighters. Read More

spinach_and_mushroomsSpinach and Mushroom Single Pan Lunch – Studies have shown that spinach is one of the best anticancer veggies that you can eat. Here’s a link for your reference with more information from the American Institute for Cancer Research. The best part is that you can eat spinach in so many ways it’s mind boggling. And…did you know that mushrooms are an immunity booster?!  Well, they are. This is why spinach and mushrooms are my favorite anticancer lunch! Read More

Steel Cut Oats from Carcinoid-Cancer.Com

My Secret for Cooking Perfect Steel Cut Oats – One of my breakfast choices has been to eat a nice bowl of oatmeal and some fresh cut fruit either sliced directly into the bowl or on the side. Since steel cut oats are so healthy for you, I have decided to post my secret for making them quick and easy.  Read More




Broccoli Soup is a Delicious Cancer Fighter – OK, I know it sounds like a punishment but trust me this is good! As it turns out, broccoli soup is a delicious cancer fighter. Whooda thunk it?   I wish I could say that I made this one up BUT….I didn’t. I stole it from Gordon Ramsay. I’m sure he never realized that the soup he was making was a cancer fighter. In fact, he makes a joke about vegetarians in the video. You can see it below but first here are the ingredients and directions. :-)  Read More

broc_sprouts_1024x768Broccoli Sprouts Pack a Big Anticancer Punch – Yup, another post about broccoli. Well, broccoli sprouts pack a big anticancer punch and so I wanted to tell you about them. For some reason, the sprouts contain the same amount of anticancer compounds as giant clumps of fully grown broccoli. It is called sulforaphane.  Read More



citrus_1024Lemon Rice Can Give Your Electrolytes a Boost – This is not really a cancer fighter but, it is a pretty good veggie based side dish and if you need to replenish your electrolytes because of carcinoid syndrome then this might help you out a bit. As it turns out, lemon rice can give your electrolytes a boost. Read More




A One Pan Anticancer Meal with Brussel Sprouts – If you look on the web you will see long lists of vegetables that are considered cancer fighters. My only problem is that recipes don’t usually accompany that list. They just hand you and Mr. Ed the feed bag full of raw veggies and expect you to chow down. That starts to get old quick. So this is my effort to correct that. I created a one pan anticancer meal with brussel sprouts. This time, the recipe is all mine. Yup, my creation…and I think you will like it. Read More

breakfast_risotto_with_raisinsBreakfast Risotto with Raisins Is A Vegetarian Breakfast You Will Love – I’ve been trying to change how I eat to combat my cancer and I have been frustrated with the lack of veggie based breakfasts. Or…to say it better…I’ve been frustrated that all of the breakfast choices seem to be meat based, bread based or junk food. Yes, I have posted on cooking awesome oatmeal that you can read about here. Yes, I love it but, you can only eat so many oats. :-) I think my breakfast risotto with raisins is a vegetarian breakfast you will love. I really do! Read More

arnoldBeans Are A Cancer Fighting Food So Here’s A Recipe – Well, we all know the story about “Jack and the Bean Stalk”. Jack sells the cow for a handful of magic beans. As it turns out Jack may have made a great choice….that is if the giant was a metaphor for cancer. You see, it seems that beans are a cancer fighting food so here’s a recipe for you! Read More


butternut_squash_pasta_1024x768Pasta With Butternut Sauce – Roast 1 Butternut Squash as follows. If you have your own method then ignore mine. but, if not, here’s what I do. Throw the whole thing in the oven for about 50 minutes and bake at 375 F. Put it on a cookie sheet just in case it cracks open. Yes, a butternut squash has to die in our recipe but, toughen up, it will be worth it. Bake until fork tender. Let it cool and cut it in half. Scoop out the seeds and guts and then peel it. Finally… Read More

Tomatoes and Basil from Carcinoid-Cancer.Com

Yummy Gazpacho is Chock Full of Cancer Fighting Foods – First, let me say this right off. This gazpacho recipe will fill you up and satisfy your appetite. Second, it’s delicious. Finally, this yummy gazpacho is chock full of cancer fighting foods! Read More



cucumber_salad_139_1024x768Cucumber Salad Can Be A Cancer Fighting Recipe – So, the summer is here and my garden is exploding with veggies! Of course we share, pickle and find other ways to use the excess BUT one of our favorite ways to use up our cucumbers is cucumber salad. It’s refreshing and uses veggies right out of my garden. 😀 Also, it seems that cucumber salad can be a cancer fighting recipe too….depending on how you make it. 😀 Read More

3 Bean Salad

OK, it took some cajoling from a friend but I’m posting my 3 bean salad recipe just in time for independence day! 😀 I made it mostly from my home grown beans and some other items you can either choose to grow or buy. Either way, enjoy the holiday and maybe this salad too! Read More


Potato Salad Without Mayo

My continued effort to shift my diet from a meat based diet to a more veggie based diet and to eat foods that might help fight my cancer has led me to try out a really fun recipe. I also bought dill by accident this week. 😀  It’s a potato salad with dill and no mayo. Lisa and I both loved it but David (age 9) was sick of it after half of a serving. I think dill might be an acquired taste. Maybe I’ll try a little less next time. 🙂  Read More

Homemade Chicken Salad
OK, I don’t think you can really qualify this recipe as a cancer fighting recipe BUT there was onions and chives in there sooooo… yeah, that’s cheating 😀 OK, still here it is. Yummo! Oh, one more caveat. I didn’t measure so all of the measurements that I’m listing were from my minds eye. 😀 Any how, this is a quick and easy meal. It can even be a side for Thanksgiving. This took me 45 minutes beginning to end. Easy Peasy !!! I will say this. Homemade chicken soup is so much healthier than a can of soup from the store. 😀  No chemicals, no artificial colors and I used all organic veggies. 😀



 More to come….

I hope you enjoy these recipes,
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