Cancer Stats Infographic For Your Blog Is Updated For 2015

My cancer stats infographic for your blog is updated for 2015. Yes, yes, I know it’s almost 2016 but these are the current numbers and I will update it for 2016 as well. 😀 Oh boy, I shouldn’t be so lazy. 😀  Also, I highlighted endocrine cancers. I’m assuming that’s where neuroendocrine / carcinoid cancers fit. If I am wrong then please let me know. You can find the images, one is small and one is really large, on my free images page. Here is the reference for the numbers Read More

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  1. You would think so but I’m concerned your source does not list NETs by name? I would however add that I suspect “Endocrine” might only include tumours from the endocrine organs a lesser scope than Neuroendocrine). That said, the WHO 2000 classification of NETs did describe them as ‘endocrine’ but that has now been changed.

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