Compassion in Healthcare Pain, Doctors And Nurses By Dianne Maranto

Can it be true. I am not alone in this nightmarish healthcare system? It is true and we need to all read and share our experiences with each other. We need to stick together. If you take the time to read this blog post then I promise you that you will not be sorry. Wile you are at it feel free to read more at her carcinoid cancer blog Living With Carcinoid Cancer ~ The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

…my first night out of the ICU, I was starting to feel pain breaking through my epidural.  Being numb from the waist down, it was disconcerting so I mentioned it to the nurse.  Her reply, “You know you’re not going to get through this without some pain!”  As if I had been complaining incessantly!  This was 48 hours after they had removed 22″ of ileum, partial ileocecal valve, gall bladder, omentum, fallopian tubes, ovaries, appendix and most of my abdominal wall, followed by 90 minutes of a chemo hotwash of my abdominal cavity.  It’s a 10-hour procedure that is referred to as “the mother of all surgeries” in the medical journals.  I felt utterly dismissed.  But I learned several days later the true meaning of being utterly dismissed.

Source: Compassion in Healthcare: Pain, Doctors and Nurses | Living with Carcinoid Cancer

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