Detox ~ The Forest from the Trees ~ Part One

I Can’t tell The Forest from the Trees –  I gotta tell ya, this “Detox” thing comes off like one big giant scam. I’m not saying that detoxing your body IS a scam. What I am saying is that there are so many websites, pills and potions that people are pushing and selling that it all seems fake to me. Why? Because I’m sure that some of them are fake and some of them are genuine…but I can’t tell which is which.

Who Cares – Aside from general health concerns, a body that is over burdened with toxins is considered, in alternative medicine, to be one of the major reasons for cancer. There are other schools of thought but, detoxing your body is considered an important first step in a number of cancer therapies. When you think about it….a healthy body can’t be a bad move anyway. 🙂

Let’s Be Practical – Understanding how to determine if something is genuine is probably the best choice in the beginning. So, let’s take it step by step and decide on a process to help us make a decision. Let’s avoid internet rumors, email chains, marketing ploys on the web and via web videos and, instead, let’s focus on something that will give us confidence that our final decisions are educated and well informed. This will allow us to remove doubt and, as a result of less doubt, fear as well.

Define the Problem ~ I have found that the key to reading and understanding my medical reports, my prescriptions, medical websites, alternative therapies, insurance documents and so on are the DEFINITIONS. For example, what is a “stable disease”? I was eliminated from a clinical trial because my tumor growth wasn’t “stable”. Definition? In my case it was defined as less than 25% growth between my 2 most recent scans. So, it is important to get definitions for every term used in your cancer fight including “detoxification”.

Let’s define Detoxification ~ I took this from Wikipedia:

Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body…

OK, we’re trying to remove the bad stuff from our body and get as healthy as possible. Got it! Here’s the problem…there’s liver detox, blood detox, whole body detox, vegan detox programs, raw food detox, special diets, thousands of pills and potions. There are some that cost $40 and some around $400. With that being said, I’ve decided to define Detox just for me.

My Detox ~ This is what my body needs and not what somebody else tells me I need. I think after you do a bit of research, and maybe after reading this, you will be able to define your own detox program as well. As a cancer patient, I’m looking to detox my entire body with special focus on the areas that have tumors that may get treatment in some way or another.

How will I detox ~ I am choosing to enable my body to eliminate as much toxins as possible via natural methods and, if needed, I will use therapeutic methods. A therapeutic method, as I define it, is a method that involves outside intervention such as a pill or treatment.

Now, Let’s Define Toxin ~ If we’re trying to get rid of toxins then it’s important to know what a toxin is. My issue with a lot of these “detox programs” are that they do not define what “toxins” they are eliminating. So, how do we know that they worked? Anecdotal proofs and personal stories really don’t do much for me. It’s not that I don’t believe them, instead,  it’s that I cannot give them as much credence because I don’t know the surrounding circumstances regarding their story. I’ve seen a number of personal accounts that claim to have been healed by various methods and, upon further investigation, I have found out that the people giving those accounts had also used other traditional methods such as chemo but, neglected to include that in their account. I cannot judge their motives for this but, as a result, I like to see studies, scientific papers and certifications if possible.

Toxins ~ We need a definition so that we know what we want to get rid of. I will be defining toxins in a practical rather than medical and technical way. In other words, I will be trying to identify the “bad stuff” I am trying to rid myself of. Of course, everything bad can be considered a toxin including things like radioactivity but, I am trying to focus on “My Detox” and I’m pretty sure I don’t glow at night. 🙂 Although I am very particular about where the food I eat comes from considering we have Fukashima leaking radiation into the water and the BP oil disaster.  Radioactive water can contaminate the food supply since our food either comes from the waters (fish and so on) or is given water to grow (produce and animals). So, to say the least, I am picky about that in the grocery store. Take a quick look at the radiation in our oceans because of the Fukashima disaster.


Let’s just say that toxins are different forms of waste, coming from either the body or external sources, that needs to be eliminated.

Fat ~ Yes, being overweight is bad for you but new thinking is suggesting that certain types of fat can be thought of as a toxin. This is because of the chemicals they release. Fat cells are now being thought of as an endocrine organ releasing chemicals into the blood stream. In addition, visceral fat surrounding the internal organs are now being considered toxins themselves. You can read more about it here or on the original website here.

Metals ~ Yup, metals. I know it sounds extreme but, we are exposed to so many without even knowing. First, and most obvious, are the mercury amalgams in our dental fillings. In addition, if you are the type to chow down on deep sea fish like tuna then you might be surprised that you have probably been exposed to excess mercury as well. Not to mention some of the heavy metals in our vaccines and even as a result of coal burning stoves. Do you fix your own car? If you do, or have in the past, you’ve probably been exposed to hazardous metals. Even aluminum in the kitchen can be considered a source.

Chemicals and Pesticides ~ This is probably obvious to you but, some people are not aware that lawn chemicals are dangerous. If you’ve used lawn chemicals then you may have been exposed to an abundant array of toxic chemicals. I have personally witnessed friends spraying their lawns with abandon, and in my opinion, carelessly. Cooking sprays, coated pans, and cleaning products are all under suspicion in my opinion.

Water ~ This brings me to an issue that hits very close to home for my family. That issue is water. Because we live on an island, our water comes from an underground source that is much more prone to contamination and pollution than most aquifers. This is the reason that I personally suspect that our local water supply is the reason for the cancer clusters in our area.

I remember drinking tap water 20 years ago where the chlorine was so strong that it smelled bad enough that I couldn’t drink it. I remember saying to my wife that it seemed odd to me that we would there was so much chlorine in our water. After thinking about why chlorine is used in our water I became unsettled. Chlorine is used to kill on a microscopic level so that we can drink water that is free of pestilence. So, why the high levels of chlorine? Were they trying to kill something that was particularly stubborn that they couldn’t kill with normal doses? Who knows but, since chlorine is a poison I found myself looking for alternatives to my local tap water.  Since that time my wife and I have sought out various solutions including small carbon filters, bottled water delivered to the house and filtered tap water systems.

Remember, the human body is made of mostly water so, pure drinking water is the key to any detox.  Consider looking at what is put into your local water supply and if you find chemical contents that make you nervous then you should look into other solutions for your own peace of mind. Also, don’t forget that your environment has a lot to do with the water quality in your area. If you live by a farm, a golf course or in suburbia you might find that your water is full of chemical runoff.

I will cover this subject in more depth in a future post.

Medication – How can taking medicine be bad for you???? Have you ever noticed the “fast talkers” at the end of a pharmaceutical commercial? It’s become so common that people don’t listen to them any longer. Another way to learn of the possible dangers of the pharmaceuticals you’re taking is to read the inserts listing side effects and possible dangers. If you want to detox, you might want to take a look at some of the medicines that you are taking especially if you are taking them for the long haul.

Junk Food and Factory Food – Most people know that fast food and junk foods such as candy and sodas are bad for you but, what about “factory foods”? As it turns out, most of the food that we eat in our modern society comes from a factory. The truth is that factory food could, and should, be a much higher quality and should be avoided if possible. Here are a few reasons to reconsider eating more organically.

Low Quality ~ Corporations are designed to make a profit. It’s the reason for their existence. That’s not bad in itself but, unfortunately, this affects the food you eat because, for example, it is cheaper to feed a cow a low quality feed rather than a high quality feed. That lower quality is passed directly on to you in the cow. So, the burger you eat is less nutritious and might not even taste as good.

In addition, staying with this example, a cow is often fed a diet that is not natural for a bovine. This is because the corporation that owns the cows can feed them cheaper and maximize profits as long as the cow will eat it. Even if the cow grows ill because of it. You might be wondering how far this can go so, let’s take a quick look at a an example.

The Melamine Scare ~ This is a good example of how far this can go. In 2008 the Chinese were caught tainting “milk formula” with chemicals to lower costs and make the protein content look higher. Children died so that corporations could profit.

What about U.S. Corporations ~ It’s easy to dismiss the Chinese food scandals as foreign born and a result of lower standards in other countries but, the FDA is supposed to protect us from these sort of things and doesn’t seem  to be doing the best of jobs.

Lower Standards in Handling and Cleanliness ~ We’ve all heard about the outbreaks of food poisoning where people become sickened with salmonella from vegetables or chicken. The drive for a larger profit often results in the food we eat being imported from other countries that do not have the restrictive laws that we have here.

Finally, it costs corporations money to keep these “food factories” clean and they don’t always want to spend the money to make sure that YOUR food is safe and clean. An example of this is the peanut butter scandal of 2008/09 where people were sickened because of tainted peanut butter.

Ingredients ~ When you buy food out of a box or a bag you are choosing to feed yourself with something that has been “processed”. So, you are typically getting food with preservatives and other ingredients that are not natural including sweeteners, fats, salts and so on. You are also probably getting a fair helping of “fillers”. Things that make that original ingredient go farther and increase those corporate profits we’ve been talking about. It’s so much better to go to the local fish store and buy fresh fish rather than those fish sticks out of the box.  When you really think about it, why would you want to eat food that’s produced by a machine and factory worker?

GMO is for the Rats ~ If you’ve been observing some of the local trends then you might be aware of the controversy surrounding GMO foods. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms (foods). The biggest controversy currently is surrounding the Monsanto corporation. They have been genetically engineering foods to include things like pesticides and herbicides in the seed. For example, more than 80% of the corn in the US is genetically modified. That affects products like corn syrup (in soda and tons of other products), corn flower, corn fillers, tortillas etc. My understanding is that 3 out of 4 products use corn in some way or another.

Here’s the problem….these products have been put on the market lacking what most people feel is proper testing. Take a look at these rats fed with GMO corn…they’re full of tumors. This same corn is on our plates in some form or another….maybe in the form of the hamburger you just ate. How? Because they often feed cattle with GMO corn because it’s cheaper to grow. You can read a well written article about it here and another here.


This is not to mention the excess food dyes, sugars and salts they are putting into the food to make you purchase it.

Pesticides ~ Many of the chemicals we have outlawed are still used in other countries and then those food items are often imported back into the U.S. This is especially true for products such as fruit, veggies and other produce.

What Can We Do ~ I’m sure it’s obvious to you that I cannot tell you what to do since I don’t know you but, I can tell you what I plan to do. Maybe it will help you figure out your own plan.

How I Will Detox  – My detox will include the following properties:

1. Cancer Fighting Detox Programs – I will incorporate and research the best cancer fighting programs and review the detox programs they offer and then include the best of all of them.

2. Liver, Bone, Digestive, Lymph Node Detox – I plan to include whatever it takes to detox these organs specifically.

3. Weight Loss – I need to drop some major weight and get healthier. I plan to do that via diet and getting active.

4. I am planning to change my diet to include more veggies and fruit and decrease the amount of meat that I am eating on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for part two of this post where I plan to share more detail about what I plan to do.



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