Must Read – In Vitro and In Vivo Testing and What it Means to Your Cancer Fight

The juice thing has been making me wonder. I have been wondering if it worked at all, if it did work then how, and why. Also, I have been wondering why medicines work and how they work and then I stumbled on the words in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo. They are Latin words. It is very important to know what the words mean and how they should affect your decisions with your cancer fight.

In Vitro

In Vitro is Latin for “in glass” or….studies that are conducted in “test tubes” or, better said, external to the body. So, when you read that a substance has been studied and found to shrink tumors “IN VITRO”, they are saying that the cancer tumors were exposed to the substance in a clinical setting….basically a test tube.

In Vivo

In Vivo is a latin phrase that means “within the living” meaning within a living organism. So, in vivo testing is usually preferred over in vitro because it is better suited for observing the overall effects of an experiment on a living subject. In other words, it’s a test that better simulates what the drug might do to your body.

Ex Vivo

This is the last one, I promise. Ex Vivo is when they take cells from the body and grow them outside of the body and use them for testing purposes. This is the next best if you ask me. Maybe you cannot test within the body but, hey…..let’s use the actual cells from the body and base our tests on that.

Latin, Latin, Latin…..there are more terms but, I’m using these 3 terms to illustrate what I have been learning about.

 Why Does This Matter?

You must be wondering why that matters. Well, the substance that has been studied in vitro has not been tested in the body so, there is no real conclusion that can be reached, other than an educated guess, regarding if the substance will or won’t be effective in fighting the cancer. Now, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t bet my life on an educated guess because, in truth, one of the drugs that has been recommended to me has been studied only in vitro. Would I prefer testing the drugs in vivo, absolutely, but whatcha gonna do?!

What About Juice?

So, I just got my new juicer – more to come on that – and I’m ready to go but, will it really help me? If you watch a lot of the videos on juicing and eating healthy, by some of the medical professionals on the web, then you probably did not notice that most of the studies that they conducted were done in vitro. That means that they exposed cancer cells to some sort of vegetable or fruit extract and studied the affect it had on the cancer.

I’m not saying that juicing is invalid but, I am saying that drinking a glass of juice seems quite different than exposing cancer cells to concentrated versions of vegetable or fruit extracts. Where this “extract” may have been exposed to cancer cells directly, the juice you drink must be swallowed, digested, metabolized and eliminated. It seems like a very different process to me. Chris Wark has a great post on anticancer veggies. Here’s a quote explaining how they do the in vitro studies with various fruits and veggies.

One of my favorite studies was published in Food Chemistry, January 2009 called,
“The antiproliferative and antioxidant activities of common vegetables: A comparative study”

The title is so boring I almost fell asleep typing it, but hold on, because the results are awesome.

Researchers studied the inhibitory (cancer-stopping) effects of 34 vegetable extracts
on 8 different tumor cell lines.

They basically just ran vegetables through a juicer and then dripped the extracted juice on different cancer cells to see what would happen. You can read his post here

Now, what does this really say? It says that they dripped undigested fruits or veggie extracts on tumor cells. and observed the results. It’s good to know these results but, I would rather have some in vivo test results but I think we have a good start!

Injections and Pills

So, now what? We’ve been given medicine or have decided to fight cancer using juice and a modified diet. What is a reasonable strategy? After all, when they inject you with a drug it is fed directly into your blood stream and that drug floods your system and the cancer cells are exposed directly to the medicines. So, does juicing replicate that? Well, it doesn’t seem to unless you take pills into consideration. If you take pills then the process seems similar to me, do you agree? The pills must be swallowed, digested, metabolized and eliminated. That is how the medicine gets into your blood stream via digestion. So, this idea makes me think about things differently. It makes me think that juicing has some merit whereas before, I was starting to wonder. Dripping a veggie/fruit extract directly on cancer cells has some merit but when we juice and use a modified diet to attack the cancer cells in our body we are digesting those fruit and veggies so, they are not pure extracts. So, what’s our next best test? Ex Vivo. Take a look at this:

 I’m Convinced

Now, that I’m convinced what is my next step? I think it’s easy to figure out. We have to do the same thing doctors do for us. They decided on what medicine, what dosage, how it will be administered and for how long (take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning).

What I have found is that different veggies and fruits work differently on various cancers. So, we must find which is most effective in fighting our kind of cancer. For me…..I’m outta luck. There seems to be no evidence or studies regarding neuroendocrine or carcinoid tumors and juicing. So, I’m on a journey. If you are just learning, try searching with a phrase like “your cancer vegan” or “your cancer vegan diet” or “your cancer juicing”….so an example would be “brain cancer vegan”. This will get you started.

My Strategy

I am taking an approach that you might compare to a shotgun. I’m using the most effective veggies overall and hoping that they will help me. Of course, I’m still looking into it further but, that’s my current approach. I’m eating onions, garlic, broccoli etc. I’m on my way to changing to a diet with less meat and more veggies. Here’s a few of my juice recipes. Broccoli Juice, Kaboom Juice Version 2 and a Gourmet Cancer Fighting Salad. that I love. Feel free to share any recipes you think might be of value!

God Bless and Good Luck,
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    • Hi Ed, I too live in nc and just started the process of curing my husband’s prostate cancer but I was wondering if you knew of a good dr. in nc to aid this process? thanks for any info you can give and hope you are doing well.

      • Hi Pam, I really don’t.
        I’ve had really bad luck with doctors so far.
        My cancer is very rare and misunderstood and so far that has played out exactly as it sounds with all of my doctors.
        I’m starting with a new doctor this month so I’m saying a prayer.
        I think because you have a more common cancer that you might have better luck then I did.
        The equipment at Duke is very impressive.

  1. Ed, consider reading for lots of information on healing cancer. Webster Kehr is the master of dealing with Stage 4 cancers naturally/alternatively.
    Also, check out Bob Wright’s great book, “Killing Cancer, not People” at his website
    Another excellent resource from the is Bret Pierce of
    Also check out Tony Isaac’s Oleander soup protocol at his web site
    if you need a really inspirational and informational book to read about surviving stage 4 cancer, try .
    Best of luck in your journey to cancer healing success. Anthony

    • Thanks Anthony.
      I will look at these resources.
      So many books……it’s hard to read all of this stuff.
      Do you have links to any links to videos? 😀
      Thank you again,

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