Examining 14 Bogus Cancer Cures Busted By The FDA

I’ve been seeing this article in different forms all over the web and so I decided to explore it a bit. The title comes in different forms but here’s the one I was just reading. The headline says, “FDA busts 14 companies for selling bogus cancer cures“. So, being a person WITH cancer and who hopes that maybe I can control my cure rather than giving all control to the doctors and “big pharma”, I took note. I know that, in the past, people have been “busted” for using the word “cure” with products they believed either cured cancer or helped fight cancer. Why? Well, in many cases it is all about law, legalize and semantics in others cases it really is about bogus cures. So what’s going on here? I decided that examining 14 bogus cancer cures busted by the FDA was a good idea.

Examining 14 Bogus Cancer Cures Busted By The FDA

Let me start right off with a quote from the article “FDA busts 14 companies for selling bogus cancer cures” in BioPharmaDive. They come out swinging.

A group of 14 U.S. companies have found themselves on the receiving end of the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory oversight for illegally peddling false “cures” for cancer.

and then they go on to say…

In the case of the 65 products flagged by the regulator, none were backed up by evidence to demonstrate the wide array of deceptive marketing promises used to sell each purported drug.

Now, I will tell you that when I read things like this I am instantly skeptical. First, because the article seems to be patronizing us right away by using words like “busted” and “bogus”. Do you get the feeling they think we’re too stupid to understand big words? If you explore their other articles they are very well written with no slang and medical references throughout the articles. Hmmm….bogus cancer cures dude, not cool. I wonder what these people really think of us when I read things like this.

Another “red flag” that I always look for, name calling. I’m sure you’ve read articles where they call people “quacks” or similar names. The latest is “fake news”. I’m not stupid, I don’t need the media to tell me what is fake. I can do that myself. Name calling is a huge warning sign for me. I will then read the article with more of a skeptical eye after noting the use of “ad hominem” attacks. Typically, articles with “ad hominem” attacks will “attack the man” in an effort to persuade you to disregard the information presented by that “person”. It is a logical fallacy and you can read more about logical fallacies on here. There are actually more than this but it’s a good article. If you’re interested I wrote posts that helped shed light on a number of logical fallacies that I think are being promoted lately such as, “Super Foods Are Not A Myth” and “Review Of Biological Bad Luck Blamed For Two Thirds of Cancer Cases“. I like debunking the debunkers…or at least throwing a little truth at them as best as I can. Why? Because, I hate deception and this is especially true when it comes to fighting cancer. OK, stepping off of my soap box. At the very least I can say that I am providing an alternative view point from the standard, “in the box” article. It’s good to mix it up, right? 🙂

In the past, I have explored B17 and I have friends who swear that they are cancer free because of B17. Still, the government labels B17 a “false cure”. They label it a false cure in spite of many highly respected doctors endorsing it. I was reviewing “World Without Cancer” and here is one of the chapters I reviewed about B17 if you’re interested. Read More dd I need to get my act together and finish reviewing that book. 🙂  So, as I have said before, B17 didn’t seem to work for me. Regardless, I have seen this exact same rhetoric on cannabis oil and a number of other products. In fact, I go through a few in my post about how vaccine makers get legal “immunity”… and yes, the pun was intended … but alternative cancer therapies do not. Read More

So, I will be honest. I suspect that the government is over prosecuting these companies. I am not of this opinion because there are no frauds but because the government seems to have a giant legal hammer and likes to use it on everything and everyone. You know the old saying, “When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” 😀 I also believe that the government is by it’s very nature, resistant to change. Change could not find a better definition than in “alternative cancer treatments and therapies”.  Still, I will be open minded as I review the information.

Examining Graviola

Being the skeptic that I am, I decided to follow the trail of links for these “bogus cancer cures” to see if they were actually bogus or just caught in some legal trap. So, I picked the first one in the list which was graviola. Now, I’ve never heard of graviola or tried it but here’s what I found. First, I found the letter the FDA sent to the company. They had particular umbrage with certain phrases like “cancer killing” and “cancer fighting”. Here’s a partial list.

Examples of some of the claims on your website, product label, and other product labeling that provide evidence your products are intended for use as drugs include:

On the webpage titled “FREE SAMPLE” accessed at http://amazingsoursop.com/product/freesamplegrantamazingteabags3ct :
“[S]our Sop Tea … Cancer Killing Properties.”

On your promotional literature, titled “Miracle Unleashed,” which accompanies the sale of your products Sour Sop Capsules, Sour Sop Tea Bags, and Sour Sop Leaves:
Under the heading, “Miracle Unleashed”:
“[C]ancer-fighting product…”
“[C]ancer-killing tree.”
“Graviola leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells.”
“Graviola has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests…”  Read More

Basically, it seems like any product that claims to fight cancer in any way is under fire by the FDA. “Cancer fighting” is a phrase I see everywhere. In fact, here’s a quote from WebMD (look under the uses tab for the supplement).

There is evidence that some of the chemicals in graviola may keep cancer cells from removing anticancer drugs. This may help the drugs work better. Some chemicals in graviola may also kill cancer cells directly. Read More

In addition, it seems to be a fairly popular supplement and there are even testimonials about cancer killing properties on the page. – Read More Now, I know that’s just anecdotal evidence but honestly, shouldn’t WebMd be just as liable as this company selling graviola?  Or, maybe the company is being over prosecuted and nobody should be liable at all. I prefer the last option.

Freedom Of Health

I think that people should have the option to pursue alternative therapies with impunity and that the FDA should support companies that have a good reputation and sell a high quality product. After all, they will allow vaccine makers to bring to market vaccines that have been hardly tested and make them immune to legal prosecution if people are made sick or die from these vaccines. Why isn’t that the case with alternative therapies?! I think it should be and I made the case for that idea in a post called “Legal Immunity For Vaccine Makers Or Cancer Cures

Here’s the thing, we can let the government tell us what to do or we can do our own thing. Of course we should seek medical counsel and of course we should be careful and do research but, with all of that being said we should be able to choose our own course of action as adults. I am saying this as a person who was treated with numerous types of chemotherapy for my carcinoid cancer. I am saying this because I am educated and want medical freedom not tyranny from the government. Our choices should not be dictated to us by people in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, cigarettes are still legal. Shouldn’t I be allowed to try to save my own life? I think I should.

As an after thought, I did follow through on some of the 14 other products but not all. It seemed in many cases to be a similar situation as the graviola. Legal prosecution of products that might help fight cancer. Some of the websites were down or were “updating”. I wonder if that is the intended consequence? Do they want to drive alternative cancer therapies from the market through expensive legal litigation? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Hey, I say be a rebel and grow an organic, cancer fighting garden! There’s no law against that….yet.

Be a rebel and grow a garden! 🙂
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  1. Slander is a great way to “distract” from the truth. To me its what the FDA can get from it, under or over the table, that seems to be the driving force in what is approved/disapproved.

    Hope you’re feeling better, I know you were hit with bronchitis recently.

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