Fight Cancer By Making Homemade Sports Drinks

It’s summer and the living is easy, right?  Well, it’s supposed to be but when you have cancer it’s not so easy. Tons of sports drinks market themselves as healthy but most are not. What they often offer for the most part is water, sugar and electrolytes but you can get electrolytes naturally without the garbage. You can can fight cancer by making homemade sports drinks that offer the same benefits without the unhealthy junk. We want to stay as healthy as possible as cancer patients, right?! 😀

What’s Wrong With Store Bought Sports Drinks

Most people are surprised when I say that I don’t drink sports drinks and don’t want my son drinking them after a sports game. Well, there are a lot of reasons why but let’s start off by looking at them.

  1. The Container – No, it’s not delivered in glass…it’s delivered in plastic. What kind of plastic? Well, it’s coming out that it really doesn’t matter. BPA was the first of the ingredients in plastic to be “fingered” for it’s health effects on children. Now, it’s turning out that all plastics seem to release an “estrogen mimic” that has been linked to cancer. You see, excess estrogen seems to be directly linked to cancer because it causes growth spurts and tells the immune system that the cancer cells are a “baby” and not to attack them. This is called the trophoblast theorem. Read More
  2. The Water – You know, a lot of us are on the water kick but it really matters what kind of water you drink. 😀  We are made from almost 90% water, right?  So, doesn’t it stand to reason that we should be drinking only the very best water out there?! Let me tell you, the water in those containers is the cheapest water they can get….because the company is looking to make the most money from the sale of that drink. It could be the worst water out there but you won’t know because of all of the artificial flavors and sugar. It’s been found that many of the bottled water people are buying are no worse or even worse than the water that they could get out of their own faucets. Check out this shocking statistic.

    ….researchers found more than 24,500 different chemicals in the bottled waters – including two classes of chemicals, maleates and fumarates, which are known potent endocrine disruptors (hormonally active chemicals). Maleates and fumarates are utilized to manufacture plastic resins, which are used to make water bottles, and they may also appear as contaminants of other plastic chemicals. Read More

    Did you read that ????  Known endocrine disruptors are in some of your bottled waters. For people with neuroendocrine cancer that should raise a red flag…at least it does for me. I have gone from bottled water to filtered water..and I doubt these commercial sports drinks are much different, you? Read More

  3.  Artificial Flavors – Um, no…there isn’t a berry or fruit called “Winter Breeze” it’s fake! 😀  I remember one time that David, my son, and I were standing on a grocery line and he was asking for candy at the register. He couldn’t read yet and was asking me the flavor of each piece of candy he wanted. He would ask “What flavor is this, Daddy” and I would say “Fake Cherry” and then he would ask “What is this one” and I would say “Fake Blueberry”…and…”Fake Mint”…and…”Fake Strawberry” ~ You get the idea. Well, as we were waiting in line, I could see people looking at the gum and candy…just kind of staring at it. You could tell that they never thought about the fact that the candy wasn’t blueberry but that it was FAKE blueberry. Yes, this is what it’s like to go shopping with me!  😀  These flavors have been engineered to smell and taste a certain way to appeal to your palette and make you drink more. Yes, chemically engineered…think about it. That list of ingredients that stretches a mile long…it’s chemicals.
  4. Artificial Colors – Neon green, glowing orange, blazing pink….not real. 😀 Yes, it’s pretty but don’t put it to your lips until you know what’s in it. How do they get that water to turn such pretty colors? Here’s a good read on artificial colors if you are interested. It’s “Seven Reasons I Hate Artificial Food Dyes“. If you don’t want to read it then just think about it. Why are they dying the drinks and foods? It’s to make it appeal to your senses so that you will buy it and the wealthy people that run these corporations don’t care if they’re good for you or not. All they care about is their next material acquisition…yacht, mansion, fast car…..they don’t care if you get sick from their products…think cigarettes. Finally, you should know that make these colorings out of petroleum products…some of them have been linked to cancer. When things are made in such unnatural colors it should repel you and not make you buy it.

Fight Cancer By Making Homemade Sports Drinks

So, that’s the bad news…and if you do more research the news gets worse. Now, let’s talk about the good news. You can have delicious drinks without cancer causing junk! Electrolytes are easy to replenish and are contained in tons of foods. If you’re wonder what electrolytes are…here’s a quick quote!

Electrolytes are substances that conduct an electric current. In the body, they help to facilitate actions of the nervous system, maintain proper fluid and acid-base balance, and allow muscles to contract. Read More

So, while seeking medical care for my cancer, we ended up going to Nebraska. Yes, Nebraska. You know the place…Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom…and yes, the steaks. 😀 Well, we stayed at a very nice hotel and they did something very nice. They made up 3 or 4 pitchers full of water and just dropped in various fruits and veggies. I never had this before. Yes, I’ve seen it on the web but never tried it. If you haven’t tried it, well you must because it is DEEE – LISCIOUS !  It is refreshing and so clean tasting AND, if you do it right, can be full of electrolytes. 😀  Here’s what I’ve been doing and some of the things I plan on doing soon. 😀

Cucumber Water – This is so easy. Water, sliced cucumbers, ice if you like it that way. You can add mint or lemon or both. As you know, lemons are packed with electrolytes! 😀

Lemon Water – OK, this is the flip side of the cucumber water. Add peeled lemons to your water unless they are organic and then feel free to drop them in. Now, you have a clean, lemony flavored water full of electrolytes. Yes, you can give the lemons a squeeze before you drop them in!

Citrus Water – Yes, same basic theme but add in lemons, limes, oranges….and you have a delicious citrus water and of course you have electrolytes! This is just awesome!

Watermelon & Lime Water – This is my kind of thing. Add in watermelon and limes and you’re on your way. Drop in some basil to spice things up and you can even leave chunks of watermelon in the cup!

Quality is important when you are making these waters. The fruit should be organic and the water should be as pure and sweet as possible. I’m making my drinks with freezing cold well water that has been filtered by the hands of time… AND with my water filter! I sounded like a water commercial didn’t I?! 😀  Well, any how, I am using clean and filtered water. I try to get organic fruit but when I cannot then I clean and peel off the skins where possible. Some people have more complex waters where they add sugars and salts but if you really want to add a sugar then I suggest it be natural like oranges or watermelon and so on but that’s my preference. I will probably be adding more of these drinks later but for me this will keep me going for a long time on hot days and there’s no cancer causing junk in it. 😀

Stay Strong and Fight On,

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