Finding A New Cancer Doctor

I’ve posted a few times about finding a doctor, finding the right doctor, when it’s time to find a new doctor and so on. You see, if you have had carcinoid cancer / neuroendocrine cancer for any length of time now then you know that finding a doctor that can help you is quite difficult. Just in case you haven’t read any of those posts here’s is a great post from LucysNoidBlog that you will find helpful. Here’s a blurb from the article.

Somewhere in the US, a patient with neuroendocrine cancer is searching for another doctor – someone who offers appropriate treatment or can at least explain what is happening; what to expect, what can or can’t be done. The patient is fed up with doctors who either don’t know enough to treat them or haven’t bothered to stay current on new treatment options. The patient may not know how to find another doctor but they know one thing for sure – the doctor they have is not going to help them cope (much less beat) this cancer. Read More

As soon as I’ve finished going through my old posts and linking to relevant “stuff to get” items then I will be “hitting the links!” Sorry for the bad pun, but the plan is to update my links section and I will be linking to LucysNoidBlog and a few others that I have found. In the mean time, take a look at her blog if you haven’t already. It’s very informative.

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  1. Lucy,
    Thank you for your blog. I was recently diagnosed with NET, small bowel (ileum) lesions in liver, small tumor in brest and lymph node. Been to a slew of “specialists” and stayed with doctors who opted to do nothing, but inject with Octreotide. Your blog worried me because I know Octeotide is suppressing my immune system. Had a cold and cough that won’t o away and its only been a couple of months of injections. Am worried that I should have reduced tumor burden by going through an operation to remove some of these tumors. I feel pretty good otherwis at this time. I’ve changed my lifestyle, diet, eetc with whole-foods based diet, exercise, etc. Have not heard anything form folks who actually chose this method. Doctors are not giving me any kind of timeline, just a wait and see timeline. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Emma,

      You accidentally left your comment on my blog rather than Lucy’s

      You probably already know this but mushrooms and garlic really help boost your immune system….at least they do for me. I take fresh organic spinach, mushrooms and garlic and throw them in a pan with olive oil. It’s delicious and it gets healthy food in your system. Here’s the recipe – also here’s a list of cancer fighting foods – I thought this might help you with that cold. Another thing that helps me are those zinc rapid melts by zicam.

      Regarding your tumors, Lucy is very knowledgeable. We have been emailing about my issues just recently. Would you like me to pass along your comment or would you like to re-post on her blog? Here’s the link again – . There are a few people who have had major surgery (I wish I could) and have had varied results. If you would like I can send you links to their blogs. Some of them are already in my links section but I fell behind a bit and some are not.

      I hope I helped,

  2. Here’s a great set of videos with 28 doctors, 11 scientists and 9 cancer survivors talking about how to beat cancer with natural/alternative treatments or integrated conventional/alternative. Ty Bollinger is one of the leading researchers/evangelists for the Truth about Cancer and alternative treatments for cancer.

    11 Videos segments – definitely worth watching. Free viewing.

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