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Hi all, I just finished an infographic for my blog. I am happy to let anyone use it as a free infographic for your blog as long as you understand that I retain all rights to the image and that you link back to me at

There are 2 versions ~ one is small and one is larger. I made the small one to speed up loading times and the larger for whatever purpose you choose as long as you do not use my blog’s text or images for commercial purposes without my permission.

Please download the image and store it on your sever rather than using my bandwidth.  Here are the direct links to the images so that you can download them. Also, I would love it if you would drop me a note when you do use it so that I could see it in use. I would love to see how you use it in your blog.  🙂

Small –

Large –

Here is the source for my information:

If you are wondering where carcinoids fit in on the graphic it is not clear but, I assume that they are listed under the endocrine system. If you remember, carcinoids are neuroendocrine in nature. I will read the document and fill you in later. It has quite a lot of useful information.

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