How Hospitals Coddle the Rich On The New York Times

If some patients are labeled V.I.P., does that mean the others aren’t?

We’ve all been there. That horrible hospital visit where they treat you like a prisoner rather than a cancer patient. Don’t worry, those pain meds are coming….sooner or later. Well Here’s the other side of the coin. Read More: How Hospitals Coddle the Rich On The New York Times


  1. I first learned about VIP status and special “floors” when I was a patient at Memorial-Sloan Kettering. The top floor is reserved for VIPs. They have private rooms and many have their private nurses. It should not be surprising that in private for profit hospitals that those with the means will have access to such treatment. Did I receive “less care” because I was a Medicare patient from out of state and certainly not a VIP. I think the way for any patient to avoid mistreatment or neglect is to not be in a hospital alone.

    • You know, I gotta say, I’m not really a guy who has a problem with a rich guy getting extra stuff like private rooms and so on BUT when they have private nurses and I cannot and get pain relief because nobody can be bothered. I then have a problem.

      I know this is reality but still… an age where Obamacare is supposed to be socializing medicine it really shows that these ideas are not really possible. Money ALWAYS provides privilege and it may be obvious or hidden, as in this case, but it’s always true. It applies to our public education vs. private, our school lunches, healthcare and on. I guess,

      I have a problem with it since my insurance really IS paying for my care and they are acting as if I am on the “dole”. OK, rant over! ha ha ha ha!!!! 😀

        • Yup…but if I had money I would buy whatever I could to cure myself. So… real problem is with the corrupt healthcare companies, hospitals and politicians who take the money in the form of donations or taxes or healthcare premiums….they still take it.

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