Pass It On: Links About Cancer 5/1/2014

Pass It On: Links About Cancer

This post is part of a section on my blog called “Pass It On”. It’s a collection of links that I am currently not blogging about but only passing on to you for your reference. I’ll post into this section about once a month. If you find something interesting then…pass it on!

General Information

Sloan Kettering Memorial has a page on herbs, botanicals and other ProductsRead More

Cancer, Taking Your Power Back 2 PartsPart 1  and Part 2

Scientists have built robots that mimic cockroaches and even implanted electronics to remote-control these bugs. DNA origami nano robots could one day carry out complex computer programs in the human body, helping to deliver cancer-killing toxins only to cancer cells while leaving the rest of the patient unharmed, according to their paper in Nature Nanotechnology. – Read More

NSE can be used to monitor disease progression and management in SCLC. – Read More

The Ki-67 protein (also known as MKI67) is a cellular marker for proliferation. I have been looking into the key terms in the description of my chemo treatments. This was mentioned in the description of Xeloda. Read More

What PLU codes say about your produce. This is an article about how to purchase organic produce and understanding the codes on the stickers on the produce. Read More

Scientist Create a Switch to Trigger Cancer Cells to Die – Read More

Cancer’s Origins Revealed – Researchers at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have provided the first comprehensive compendium of mutational processes that drive tumor development. Together, these mutational processes explain most mutations found in 30 of the most common cancer types. This new understanding of cancer development could help to treat and prevent a wide-range of cancers. Read More

Scientist Reprogram Immune Cells to Fight Cancer – Researchers at the University of Georgia are developing a new treatment technique that uses nanoparticles to reprogram immune cells so they are able to recognize and attack cancer. Read More

How Cancer Chromosome Abnormalities Form in Living Cells – National Cancer Institute (NCI) scientists have directly observed events that lead to the formation of a chromosome abnormality that is often found in cancer cells. Read More

Smart Knife Tells Surgeon if Tissue is Cancer – Read More

Starving Cancer Cells – University of Southampton researchers have discovered a novel way of killing cancer cells by leaves healthy cells undamaged, unlike traditional therapies such as radiotherapy. Read More

Sugar Lights Up Cancer Cells in MRI Scanners – Read More

Understanding the Spread of Cancer – Read More

Naked Mole Rats Help Fight Cancer – Read More 

Using Nanoparticles to fight Cancer – Read More

Natural Ways to Fight Cancer

Indian Black Salve as a Cancer Treatment – Who Knows…but here’s a few articles for you to look at.  Read More and Read More

Three Herbal Supplements That have Anticancer Activity – There’s a protein in your body called “mTOR” which plays a vital role in how each cell thrives, divides, or dies. When this protein and associated metabolic pathway is turned on too high, it promotes cancer spreading. If we interfere with the mTOR pathway, it helps stop the formation of new blood vessels which feed the tumor. Read More

Cannabis Extract Fights “Incurable Form” of Leukemia – A remarkable case report documents a 14-year-old girl who, after 34 months of chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant treatments, was given up for dead. Her family discovered research on cannabis extract, and before she died of a secondary complication of her original treatment, used it successfully to put her leukemia into remission. Read More

Things to Watch Out For

According to a new study, Vegetarians Are Less Healthy. As you know I’m going “veg” because of my cancer and trying to reduce any further spread by eating low protien and low sugar but take a look and decide for yourself. Read More

The Government is NOT Your Friend. It looks like the EPA exposed us to pollutants as an experiment….kids too. As it turns out faceless bureaucrats don’t care about us much. Are you surprised?  – Read More

Is Fructose Worse than GlucoseRead More

Nano-Particles in Consumer Products Damage DNA Leading to Cancer – A new study from MIT and the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) indicates that certain ENP’s may in fact directly damage human DNA, a concern that should have manufacturers and regulators immediately halting the use of nano-particles in consumer products. – Read More

Glyphosate (aka Roundup) Linked to Cancer – A new review on the relationship between pesticide exposure and the risk of blood cancers in the lymph glands (lymphomas) has confirmed the existence of a link with the world’s most popular herbicide glyphosate (aka Roundup). Read More

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