I Am Still Taking Affinitor to Fight My Carcinoid Cancer

I just wanted to update everyone about what’s going on with my cancer fight. I just got back from visiting my oncologist. He has had me on a reduced dosage of Affinitor, also known as Everolimus, and had me come back for a blood test and physical exam. After examining me he decided to stay on course. So, I am still taking affinitor to fight my carcinoid cancer.

I do have mouth sores but they are not as bad as the first time I was put on Affinitor. I have been reading that Everolimus (Affinitor) is considered one of the best pharmaceuticals used to fight carcinoid cancer. In fact, if you watch the video in my last post it speaks to using Everolimus.

The good news is that it might be working. I had about 1 month where I was “chemo free”. After I returned to my oncologist he had me scanned to see where we stood and, as it turned out, some of the tumors had shrunk and others halted their growth. My oncologist feels that maybe we found something that that works. Because I had mouth sores they decided to keep me at my current dose but maybe it will work.  Let’s hope so.

I will keep you posted,
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    • Thanks! 😀 Well, I’m still going to get some more opinions from specialists. Some of these drugs stop working after you’ve been taking them for a while….AND….maybe there’s an even better way to go. Who knows? I gotta keep looking.

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