I Just Juiced a Million Veggies to Make My KABOOM Cancer Fighting Juice!

Time for A Change ~ In my effort to “step up” my efforts to either find a cure for my cancer or, at the very minimum lengthen my life, I have been investigating dietary changes. Slowly but surely I am being convinced that I need to switch to a diet that consists of less meat and more fruit and vegetables. Now, I have to be honest, this is not what I would normally choose. I am a red blooded carnivore. I like meat. Growl.  🙂  My kaboom cancer fighting juice is my first effort at changing my ways.

I’m Over It ~ Yeah, Yeah….it’s time to eat more veggies. The truth is that I am being convinced every day that my diet needs to change and so I have reluctantly embraced the thought and have started juicing. I haven’t really tried tons of recipes yet but, I have started with a recipe that I found on the web. To be honest, I’ve only chosen this recipe because he has made it so easy to follow but, believe me, it’s a lot of work. Right now, I’m juicing once a week and I am now eating fruit and oat meal for breakfast rather than eggs, cheese and buttery toast. I’m using my old Juiceman Juicer from about 10 years ago. I don’t think they even make it any longer. When I don’t have time to make fresh juice I am supplementing with Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice.

I’m still looking for veggies that specifically target carcinoid tumors. I emailed a person about the gerson therapy once and they said “cancer is cancer” it will work. I have to be honest. I am not convinced that carcinoids are the same as other cancers. After all, my cancer can be brain, liver, colon, lung and a number of other cancers all rolled up into one.

I will be looking further into the benefits of juicing and what each ingredient offers. I hope to put together my own “anti-cancer” juice recipe.  Something just form me and if you like it you can try is as well. I just saw an excellent video that suggested that cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli) were very important. The video also suggested that the onion and garlic family were important. Keep an eye out for future posts about that.

Here’s What We Did ~ First we had to buy the stuff. We purchased bags and bags of celery, beets, carrots and a tub of ginger. Finding organic produce is very difficult where I am. Organic vegetables are very important when you’re juicing because as you juice you are concentrating tons of veggies into single glasses of juice so…..the same goes for pesticides.

We Purchased About:
5 Bags of carrots
3 Bags of Celery
1 Bunch of beets
1 Large Ginger Root

We Made About 7 and 1/2 Servings (8 oz. each)
So, we prepped and washed and juiced about:
38 Carrots
38 Celery Stalks
2 whole beets (You can juice the greens or eat them in a salad)
7 Slices of Ginger.

Here’s where the Kaboom comes in to my KABOOM JUICE RECIPE. Yup, I’m taking ownership of it now.  If you look at the picture above you will see 2 huge chunks of ginger which is probably about triple the amount called for in the recipe. I put it all in accidentally. You might not want to do that. Whoo-hoo! That is some strong stuff but I liked it. Next time I’ll put in half of that but, I definitely like the ginger!!!  🙂

Here’s the original recipe for one glass at a time:
5 Carrots
5 Celery stalks
1\4 Beet
1 Slice of Ginger

It’s a LOT of work but this is what you get in the end.


To Your Health ~ CLINK!  That’s my family’s little toast. We make this toast with the first glass of every batch of juice we make. We’ve done this since the day I first got my juicer for Christmas about 10 years ago. If you’re interested we use a Champion Juicer to make quick work of these veggies! Check it out on our stuff to get page.

Today, I wish the same for you. To Your Health (and to mine).
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    • Usually, I only juice the root because I don’t always juice right away after buying them. So, the leaves get a bit yucky in the fridge and need to be cut off. It’s a bit of a waste….I guess I should cut them up into a salad and juice the roots later.

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