I Read A Facebook Post About Doctor Liu from Vanderbilt

If you are seeking the best treatment for your Carcinoid Cancer then sooner or later you will run across the name of Doctor Eric Liu. He has recently left Vanderbilt hospital and there have been quite a bit of discussion on the web and the discussion boards for carcinoid cancer. I read a facebook post about doctor Liu from Vanderbilt that you might be interested in reading. To be honest, I’m not sure how accurate it is BUT it does seem genuine. So……read and decide for yourself. 🙂

URGENT news for ALL carcinoid cancer patients and those who care about them! This applies to everyone regardless of where you receive your treatment, please read on to see why…

Cynthia Wheeler, the Neuroendocrine Nurse Practitioner who is part of the wonderful NETS/carcinoid cancer treatment and research team with Dr. Eric Liu at Vanderbilt University, is being forced to leave Vanderbilt due to salary cuts! What does this mean for us?  Read More

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