I Switched From Bottled Water to Filtered and You Should Too

I remember watching a show where the commentator scoffed at people who drank bottled water. He said that people who drank bottled water were just “yuppies trying to avoid getting cancer”. Hmmmm….avoiding cancer sounds good to me. Buy hey, bottled water gets expensive AND with all of the chemicals in plastics I decided to make a change. I switched from bottled water to filtered water and you should too.

Why Not Drink From the Tap?

Of course, I am painting with a broad brush and you may find that your water is just fine but you can get a water report from your local municipality to make sure. Let me explain some of my reasoning behind my decision.

It all started with a cup of rusty mud. A pamphlet was left in our mail box. It said that the water company would be cleaning the system and that we should not drink the water for a short period of time. In addition they suggested that we let the faucets run until the water ran clear again. OK….we waited and then we ran the faucets as instructed. Our clear and clean looking water came out like rusty mud! Yuck! We were really disgusted and wondered if the water was really clean even after running the faucets. It eventually cleared up but, it was kind of shocking to see that come out of the faucets.

Chlorinated Mud

We forgot about the rusty mud water and went back to drinking out of the tap. The water was running clear again and so we concluded that there was no issues with the water. After a bit of time passed we started getting more cloudy brown water and no amount of running the faucet corrected the issue. Maybe they were cleaning the system again but, we never got a pamphlet and it seemed to happen more and more often. Finally, the chlorine in the water shot up so high we didn’t even want to drink it any more. It smelled and tasted terrible even though it was clear. So, with all of these “warning signs” of a problem we started thinking more about our tap water.

All of that chlorine made us look a bit closer at what was in our water. What we found made us switch to bottled water. First, we purchased a standard charcoal filter. I think everyone has had one of these. It drips into the pitcher and it turned our cloudy, and sometimes muddy, water into clear good tasting water. It also seemed to remove the chlorine taste.

As we looked into it further we found out that we had underground plumes of pollution in our area and we started to think that we needed to up our game. We began to wonder why there was so much chlorine in the water. After all, chlorine is used to kill water born “beasties” so, why did they keep increasing the chlorine? Maybe they weren’t able to kill whatever they were trying to kill. That made us uncomfortable enough that we started buying bottled water and stopped using the pitcher type filter.

We used bottled water for a very long time. To be honest, it really tasted much cleaner. It was coming from a source that was not from our local area so I felt better about that. I researched the best, purchased a vertical water cooler and had it delivered to the house. One thing that always bothered me though was that the plastic water bottles had BPA in them and I did not have the option to select glass bottles. I was still happier purchasing my water from a company rather than drinking it directly out of the tap.

Cancer Clusters

Finally, because my family lives on an island our water is basically coming from a closed system of underground aquifers. All of the run off from lawn chemicals and industrial waste filters down through the ground and leeches directly into our water system. In addition, there have been “cancer clusters” in our area for a very long time. They even have maps of the underground pollution plumes. You might not have this big of an issue but if you live by  a farm or near an industrial complex then you might want to consider drinking something other than tap water.

 I Switched From Bottled Water to Filtered and You Should Too

For a very long time we were using bottled water from a very reputable company and the cost wasn’t too bad. We purchased the water cooler so, we weren’t renting it which saved us money in the long run. Our water consumption went up because it was so handy and delicious (it really was) but the price was going up every year. Then they started adding fees that weren’t included in our bill previously and we started to feel a “pinch” in our wallet. Last but not least, the BPA thing was in the back of my mind and so I began investigating other options. A lot of these plastics leak chemicals that mimic estrogen and are endocrine disruptors.  Read more about plastics and cancer here.

There are so many water filters it will blow your mind. At first, I decided to purchase a whole house water but the cost was prohibitive. So, I lowered my standards and started looking into a high quality water filter that would remove pesticides, chemicals, chlorine various sediments etc. Without getting into the “nitty gritty” of my research I decided to purchase a Berkey Water Filter. This is not meant to be a review of the Berkey just my “endorsement” I guess. Here’s a quick video. It’s really a commercial but, it’s worth watching.


My understanding is that this filter (I use the ceramic) will filter out the “beasties”, chemicals, chlorine, pesticides and sediments. It paid for itself in little over 1 year and the water is great tasting. The thing is this…..the pitcher type water filters cannot do near as good of a job as the Berkey and the bottled water has BPA and other chemicals that get into the water from the plastics. The worst part about the bottled water is that it sits in warehouses and hot trucks which releases more BPA as it gets hotter. The Berkey is a great option for a counter top filter but I dropped it right on top of my water cooler where the plastic bottle used to go so, the water is always cold.  I have to say, I am very happy and I have peace of mind that my family is drinking water from such a high quality water filter. Since I originally purchased the Berkey water filter a number of others that look quite good have come into the market but, I don’t plan on replacing it since it’s doing a great job.

Whole House is Next

Because we have moved from our previous house to a more rural area we now have well water. We are surrounded by farms and so, I think I need to “up our game” again. I am investigating whole house water filters and let me tell you…..it’s confusing! But….I will keep you posted and I will fill you in as I learn. If you know anything about whole house water filters please feel free to share.

Stay healthy,

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