If You Have Cancer Never Give Up

Well, another doctor basically told me to give up. He didn’t say it in so many words but instead, said, “We are out of options and you should consider palliative care and home hospice.” Yes, my cancer has spread quite a bit but I won’t quit! When I mentioned PRRT, which has been working for me, he expressed concern about the levels of radiation I’m being exposed to. Same thing with Y-90. When I mentioned embolism he said, “But that’s only the liver and it’s all over your body now.” Seriously? I should do nothing and lie down and die? Um, that’s not happening. I’m a fighter! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have cancer never give up!ย  I’ve had a renal scan (kidneys) and they’re fine. The good doctors at Excel Diagnostics are more than responsible and are watching my radiation levels closely. โค

What PRRT Has Done For Me

Near the end of 2015, this same doctor gave me the same speech and Lisa and I cried our eyes out …. and then we prayed.ย  Almost within the day, we received an email suggesting PRRT. God answers prayer. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  At that time, 1/2 of my liver was eaten up with tumors. I researched and was sitting in Excel Diagnostics getting PRRT within a few weeks. Also, let me just say, I like this doctor BUT he thinks very “inside the box”… and …you know… some people just see the glass as half full.ย 

Let me tell you what PRRT did for me. As I said, tumors had eaten up over half of my liver but, after multiple treatments of PRRT my tumor burden was reduced about 33%.

Unfortunately, after about 1 year my tumors began to grow again and, believe me, they made up for lost time! Before I went back for more treatments, I went to see Dr. Liu at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and I had my tumors embolized. You can read about that here.ย  That killed a huge tumor in my liver. I then went back for more PRRT treatments. To date, I’ve had 6 treatments.

Let me tell you, PRRT has had a dramatic effect upon my life. I went for my first treatment in a wheelchair and came back for treatment #2 walking under my own power! A reduction in the life sucking tumors in your body has a tremendous effect! The same thing happened after the embolism of the tumors in my liver.ย  You can read a simple explanation of PRRT Hereย  You can read about my 4 trips here – Trip One ~ Trip Two ~ Trip Three and Trip Four

PRRT Is Becoming Less Effective

It seems that the latest PRRT treatments are not as working as well as the first 4 rounds. I expected this because, from what I’ve come to understand, it becomes less effective the more treatments that you get. I don’t know why but, I will try to find out. I have been told that I still “light up” like a Christmas tree. That means that the cancer cells are still looking to take in the peptide (octreotide) they use to deliver the radiation.ย  So, it must be something else.ย 

My Plan Is Simple

I will do something until I can do nothing. The truth is, I’m praying that I can last long enough to get TAT therapy which is similar to PRRT but with a different radioactive particle. Until then, I will hit do my best to continue living, to continue seeing my wife and son’s faces every day…. I will continue to fight through the pain, discomfort, surgeries, therapies, nausea and worse AND I hope you do as well. โค

God bless and keep fighting,
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  1. The mom in me wants to rip the face off that Dr. that had the gits to tell you to baically give up! Instead he should use you as an example of positive energy!!
    from all that i’ve read your mental strength is as important as all the meds! Your strength is a constant amazement to me!

  2. I am honestly horrified that any Dr. would say that to ANY patient ….. Let alone one fighting as hard as you are to stay on this Earth with your family. I am in awe of you for your strength. โค

    • He sees the glass as half empty. He’s not trying to be a bad person. I know that sounds crazy but he’s actually a very good doctor. It took me a few days to recuperate from that visit…. BUT I DID!

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