I’m Using Food That Rots To Fight My Cancer

Yup!  That’s right. I’m using Food that rots to fight my cancer. 🙂 What?! OK, I’ll stop with the dramatics and get to the point.

I just finished watching the McDonald’s video about their french fries and how the fries have 19 ingredients in them and why they are arrogantly defending this idea. They have some smug, corporate spokesman  smirking through the video implying that there is something wrong with you if you happen to have a problem with this fact. We must be “dimmest bulbs in the pack” to be surprised that there are more than 2 ingredients in the fries. You know….potatoes and oil.  Isn’t that all you need?

The spokesman goes on to say that the first few are to preserve the oil in the food factory, the next few are to flavor the fries (yes, they flavor them) and these last few are to keep the oil fresh on the restaurant’s side. It’s funny to me that he never talks about the potatoes. Can we say Monsanto? GMO? Hmmm…I wonder how much of McDonald’s food is GMO?

So, the bulk of the ingredients are to keep the oil preserved from the  factory to restaurant to your mouth…yum…yum. That’s why I’m using food that rots to fight my cancer. Not food that lives forever on a shelf and not food that is “preserved” beyond it’s natural life via a chemical process. Just give me a plain potato that, if neglected, rots. 🙂  Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it.

Update September, 2015 – Well, McDonald’s deleted the video from YouTube and scrubbed it from the web. You can no longer find this video anywhere which is in itself telling. I did manage to get a screen capture of the ingredient list from the video below. So much for transparency.  Here’s the dead link to the video. Check out the ingredient list below!


Do GMO Foods And Preservatives Cause Cancer

Of course, you will never be able to “prove” anything. There is too much noise out there from corporations and people with motives other than dispensing the truth as you can see from the above video. So, let’s just accept that from the outset. At the same time we should be accumulating evidence that when compiled tips the scales in a recognizable direction. For me, that scale has been tipped. I do not eat food that is genetically modified and I eat food that when left on the counter will rot. No preservatives if I can avoid them. At least I do both of these things to the best of my ability. Our family rule is that if it has more than 4 or 5 ingredients we usually consider putting it back on the shelf and if any of those ingredients are beyond our comprehension it goes back on the shelf as well.

GMO Foods

Most people are not aware that not only is the GMO genie out of the bottle but most people don’t even know that they eat it almost everyday or even what it is. Let’s take a look. We all know about Mendel who genetically hybridized peas using his understanding of genetics.  We’ve all seen hybridized roses, beans and more. Hybridization is NOT GMO. GMO is an unnatural process where scientists cut and splice pieces of DNA from one organism to another. For the most part, this is done because traditional methods provided by nature do not work. For example, here’s a few links to a few of these creations. Just click the names: SpiderGoat, JellyCat, EnviroPig.  OK, enough of that!  🙂 Now, it’s one thing to create a cat, or monkey, that glows but it’s another thing to eat GMO foods. Let’s take a look at what happens when you eat tons of GMO corn….at least if you’re a rat.


These rats ate tons of GMO corn (the same corn you eat) and developed giant tumors. I wrote a post mentioning this once before and you can Read It Here. You see almost 90% of the corn you buy in the stores, that is grown on farms, fed to cattle, put in your high fructose corn syrup, put in your breads…and on is genetically modified. Read some more from the Huffington Post.

Check your pantry. Do you have any cereals, crackers, cookies, snack bars, soy milk or baby formula in there? How about anything with corn syrup or processed food made from corn on your shelves? If so, you are probably eating food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

GMOs are plant or meat products that have had their DNA altered in a laboratory by genes from other plants, animals, viruses or bacteria. Read More

Do you really want to eat food that has been engineered to be more tolerant of pesticides and weed control? Now, they can pour it on as thick as they want and the veggies won’t die. This year I plan to actually grow corn because the normal stuff is too hard to find. Do you really want to eat this franken-food? In my opinion, since there are no long term studies showing the impact on our health of these franken-foods, you are the volunteer guinea pig if you eat this food. I will resist this with all of my will and will not subject my family to it either. Not as long as I have strength in my body. Here’s a video to help you sort it out for yourself.


What About Preservatives?

 Ahhhh…preservatives. Those wonderful ingredients that have 12 syllables like Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) added to the Franken-Fries. We can’t have fries that don’t last a few years, right? Here’s a bit more information for you.

There are over 20 “cousins” of MSG, including hydrolyzed soy protein, autolyzed yeast extract, soy protein isolates and maltodextrin. They are all glutamate blockers. There are many drugs on the market that claim to treat LTD, long term depression, that block glutamate as well. Read More

That’s right, there are drugs used to control depression that are doing the same thing as this preservative. Regulating glutamate. That scares me. Here’s a little more from Live Strong.

Although TBHQ might be safe in small doses, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. And since it’s used to preserve processed foods that are naturally oily or fatty, avoiding these foods would certainly be a healthy choice. When considering your health, do a bit of research before deciding that the popular account is the correct one. Read More

You see, this stuff is not healthy and it’s only preserving factory food we shouldn’t be eating anyway. So, let it rot and throw it out. Really. It’s always a shame to waste food but if you’re gonna eat it then it needs to be made by nature or by God or however you would like to say it. Don’t eat blueberry flavored candy just eat blueberries!  🙂

I’m Using Food That Rots To Fight My Cancer

You can use food to supplement your cancer treatment and boost your immunity. I eat tons of mushrooms now because they boost immunity.  Don’t eat this chemical cocktail they call food. Eat real, organic, whole food. 🙂 I will be posting and researching foods that boost immunity. Not because I think my cancer will respond to this because I think my cancer is too far advanced to depend upon my immune system alone. I am using food to boost my immunity for a few reasons. My first reason is because I am using Afinitor which suppresses the immune system. Read More  My second reason for using food to boost my immunity is that I do believe it will have SOME impact upon my cancer but who knows how much. Finally, since I am focusing my research on immunotherapy for my cancer this is a move that can’t hurt. And by all means….if you don’t get around to eating it then let it rot!

Eat healthy, fight your cancer, fight for your life and family and stay strong,
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  1. Ed,
    You owe it to yourself to check out http://www.cancertutor.com and read about stage 4 cancer treatments.
    For example, liquid cesium is quite powerful. Cellect Budwig, the Bill Henderson Protocol and quite a few other cancer fighters including Oleander and Salvestrol capsules are also quite potent. Detoxing the colon and the liver are good too. If you just want to use food, how about trying the Asparagus cure or the Brandt grape fasting cure? Cancertutor is the source for the best treatments. Even trying Zeolite to get all the toxins out of your body might be worth looking into. Drinking 8 cups of Pau D’Arco team or drinking Essiac tea has been reported to produce great results as well. Lots of options if you dig into this area.
    Good luck,

  2. Some of the scariest to read are food labels! What are these multi syllable things in your soup? Home made is so much better. And no more time consuming than opening a package and heating the contents up. 🙂

    • I should make a cartoon like that. They could be reading the food label around a camp fire at night like a scary story. Nothing like a scary story when you’re camping, eh? :-p

  3. You should read Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson. It will give you an idea of which foods have more nutritional value and phytonutrients that help with nutrition and flavor. I like the book and am using a lot of the recommended foods. Stay well…or stable at least.

    • hmmm…stay stable….my friends would say that’s probably not probable! :-p Thanks for the book recommendation! I will look it up. It sounds good. Hope you are well too.

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