I’ve Found A New Friend And He Blogs

I’ve found a new friend and he blogs! His blog is, of course, about his carcinoid cancer journey and I think you will like it. You can visit him here. He has a blog post entitled “The Basic Science of Carcinoid Tumors” and it’s a really good read with some great links. Here’s a quote and a link to the post.

Like many other NET Cancer patients, I feel I need to know a lot more than the average cancer patient.  For me, this can be attributed to a number of reasons including (but not limited to):

  • This cancer arrives and goes on to upset the body with vague symptoms and I need to be able to at least assess if something is or isn’t potentially connected to my condition.
  • This type of cancer is rare and even some medical staff struggle to understand it. I want to be able to articulately explain my condition when this happens.
  • When speaking to those who do understand it, I want to understand what they are telling me.  Moreover, I want to challenge them when I don’t understand (or don’t agree with) what they are telling me.
  • My condition and its treatment comes with side effects and I want to understand what these are and how they might impact on my quality of life so I can manage that and/or seek assistance.
  • I suspect I’m still a control freak despite my situation!   Read More

Enjoy and stay strong,
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