Legal Immunity For Vaccine Makers Or Cancer Cures

Bring up vaccines and the people who opt out of vaccines at a party and you are almost guaranteed to see passions ignite. You will see calm and happy people slowly boil over into red faced, angry combatants.  Legal immunity for vaccine makers vs. cancer cures is a topic you will probably never hear debated so, I’m exploring this idea now.

Vaccine Companies Are Immune

OK, yes…I should have resisted the pun but, I could not. Sorry!  🙂  Seriously though, did you know that?!  They are immune to lawsuits. If a vaccine company is negligent, and hurts your family in some way, you cannot sue them. Guess what else is going on. Have you heard of vaccine fast tracking? Most people have not. Vaccine fast tracking means that the government allows the vaccine company to put untested or minimally tested vaccines in your doctor’s hands for you or your child to be injected with. Yup, it’s true. Now, maybe that is good in some cases and maybe it’s not but I will tell you what is NOT good. When you combine fast tracking with legal immunity you have a lethal combination. Not good. Here’s a video from Ben Swan’s channel. It is very informative and not very long. I almost guarantee that you will pass it on.

 So, we have publicly traded companies who’s mission is to increase profits…that’s capitalism. I have no problem with that but, the flip side of capitalism is social responsibility. Social responsibility will almost never be the result of a company volunteering to be socially responsible and that’s because it costs money to be socially responsible. I’m sure that you can think of a handful of companies right away that have violated the public trust and only changed AFTER public pressure.

Social responsibility comes from pressure put on the corporation by the public with their dollars. This is done via boycotts, purchasing alternative products and things like investing in companies that are socially responsible. The final method is lawsuits. When a company has transgressed the public trust and become negligent, either knowingly or unknowingly, the public can go to the courts and sue the corporation….except if that company is a vaccine producer. This needs to be changed. We should be able to sue in civil court and not in some secret government court. That’s just not American. Here’s one last video to freak you out. It’s about polio vaccines causing polio and cancer.

What About Cancer Cures

We discovered that not only is the vaccine industry fast tracking some vaccines into the public marketplace with little or no testing but they are also legally immune. So obviously, the same will be true for one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. I’m sure that we have some fast track cancer cures right around the corner, right?  Um, yeah…not so much.

First you should know that the phrase “cancer cure” is ILLEGAL! Yup, you can’t say it without the chance of being sued and/or thrown in jail. Isn’t that amazing. OK, so now people use other words that mean cure. Thank you Uncle Sam for regulating our speech. We get it “War is Peace”.

There are some really promising alternative therapies that have multiple scientific studies backing them as well as anecdotal evidence to support their use. Let’s take a look at some of them. I cannot cover them in depth but I will do my best to summarize each treatment. Do they all work? I don’t know but what I do know is that there is plenty of science behind many of them.

Anti-CD47 –  Here’s a prime candidate for fast tracking and legal immunity for a cancer cure if there ever was one. Cancer cells seem to have one thing in common. They all seem to have a protein layer labeled by scientists as CD47. It sends your immune system a “don’t eat me” message. In other words, your immune system ignores the cancer cell because of this protein.  The doctors at Stanford, yes Stanford, have found a way to destroy that layer around cancer cells enabling the immune system to fight the cancer. That’s right, our own immune system. Interested? I wrote a post about it if you would like to read it. Read More

Viruses That Attack Neuroendocrine / Carcinoid Tumors – Here’s another candidate. Millions of private dollars have been raised to aid the research of scientists at Uppsalla University in Sweden. They have engineered a virus that kills neuroendocrine tumors. Yup. It targets only neuroendocrine tumors. Does it work? It absolutely does. So, why don’t we have it? We don’t have this treatment because of laws regarding human testing and so on. You can read more about it here. 

Vitamin B-17 Or Amygdalin or LaetrilleVitamin B17 is slang. It is the common name for Laetrille or Amygdalin. It was given the nickname B17 because it behaved so much like a B viatain that the scientists started calling it B17. B17 occurs naturally in nature. It is found in the pits of fruit like apples, apricots and others. It is actually a form of naturally occurring  cyanide that, as I understand it, is bound with a glucose molecule and a chemical key that allows the ingestion of the B17 by cells. That key only works on cancer cells. Normal cells do not ingest the cyanide for the most part…only the cancer cells. The cancer cells are tricked into absorbing the cyanide because they see the glucose molecule and think it is food. Once the B17 is absorbed the cyanide kills the cancer cell. I hope This is really just a crude summary. You can read more about it in “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin. I have a link to it on my “stuff to get” page. I’ve also been posting on B17 for a while now as I am reviewing the book chapter by chapter. Here’s a list of these posts.  Also, if you go to my Links page you will find a link to a blog titled “I Beat Cancer With B17”. It is written by my friend Sandi and she details her fight and ultimate victory over cancer using this alternative therapy.

Marijuana or Cannabis – Oh boy. I hate writing about this. Every time I write about this subject the pot heads come out of the woodwork and try to leverage my cancer to benefit their smoking habits. It is so irritating. Whatever, they’re probably too busy munching on bags of chips right now anyway. 🙂 

Here is what I know about this complicated subject. Yes, it seems that Marijuana or Cannibals kills some kinds of cancer but not all. I will tell you why I know this. I called some places in the beginning of my cancer fight. They were very honest. They told me that each different type of cancer can only be treated with certain kinds of Marijuana and that my cancer had never been studied. They told me the chances of marijuana working for me were 50-50 and that was being overly optimistic. Why? Well, neuroendocrine tumors or carcinoid cancer has not been studied by them and so they had no recommendations for me. It certainly seems to have worked for some. The most common way marijuana is used is in a concentrated oil. There is a film on it called “Run From The Cure” but here is a much shorter video that shows scans of brain tumors disappearing after the use of Marijuana. Honestly though….they need to get a different spokesmen. My brain just keeps adding the word “Dude” to the beginning and end of everything he says. I know…bad. 🙂

DCA DCA stands for Dichloroacetate which is why everyone calls it DCA. 🙂  There is quite a bit of scientific evidence showing that DCA seems to kill cancer. It seems to disrupt the metabolic function of cancer cells…at least as far as I understand it. Here’s a quote from Live Science.

The mechanism by which DCA works in mice is remarkably simple: It killed most types of cancer cells by disrupting the way they metabolize sugar, causing them to self-destruct without adversely affecting normal tissues. Read More

Here’s a video and you can read a post that I wrote about it here.

It’s Time For A Change

Did you hear the last part of the DCA video? 100 million dollars to get a drug through all of the phases of testing and into the marketplace. The only way that happens is when these large corporations foot the bill in hopes of making a larger profit. This is not good. Things need to change.

These are only a few of the alternative treatments that warrant fast tracking and legal immunity. Don’t you agree. Fast tracking would eliminate the lengthy process of testing and the 100 million dollar cost to bring a therapy to market.

After all, we are not talking prevention any longer, as in the case of vaccines, we are talking about killing cancer in sick people. Thousands of people are dying everyday. To get a handle on how many people are victims of this horrible disease take a look at my post “September Eleventh Every Day And A Half”. You will be appalled.

Every president since Nixon has proclaimed to be fighting a “war on cancer.”. President Obama is the latest to do so. . It’s time we fast track some of these alternative treatments and free them from the bonds of our legal system and the financial burdens incurred to bring new treatments to cancer victims.

Stay strong and keep fighting,
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  1. Hi. And thank you. I found a comment you left on one Of Ronny Allen’s blogs. I currently eat an ETL diet buy Dr Joel Furhmann. Many of the things you write are great alternatives to the repeated mainstream “suggestions”. Meaning there are little to no varied opinions on treat NET’s or Carcinoid Syndrome. Your blog is very important.

    • Wow. I am honored that you find my blog important. If you were the only one that felt that would be enough. That means that I am accomplishing my goals for having a blog which are helping others and using it as a journal for my own records. I am considering creating an actual online journal of my scans, vitals, blood levels, medicines and protocols that I am trying. The only thing that is holding me back is the amount of effort it will take and I have to clear it with my wife and make sure she is has no issues with the privacy aspect. I think….I will be doing this soon. BTW, I LOVE your blog. 🙂

  2. A very interesting and informative blog. In uk we are battling NICE it blocks loads of drugs. With having the NHS and NICE as chief dictator we are almost in same position but with a post code lottery added as well, where some people in some areas get drugs and others don’t. Here we can get compensation if say a polio jab caues brain damage, which I personally know happened to a baby boy. But it is a long drawn out process taking years. We have people travelling abroad when they can afford it, to get treatments widely available in other countries.

    The drug companies are holding everyone to ransom all over the world and forgetting or just ignoring, lives are being lost while they line steel vaults with money.

    Thanks for taking the time to highlight the problems and help us make informed choices.

    • Hi Christine,
      No need to thank me I’m glad to help. You know, I’ve always run businesses and the main goal was to make money. I have no problem with that but…..not at the expense of others as you noted. Some people are so smart and organized. Have you read the Food Babe? She has a “Food Babe Army” and gets big companies to change their ingredients to healthier selections. I wish I had her brains. 🙂 We need an army too. Maybe after I beat this cancer. 🙂

  3. Ed – I think you can become a lot better informed about carcinoid and other neuroendocrine cancers by joining the acor carcinoid e-group – where 1,600 discuss treatments, specialists, and related issues (including that the Cancer Centers of America have NO appropriate specialists). To join:

    Linda (co-list manager since 2004; former carcinoid caregiver; science writer)

    • Hi Linda,

      My largest liver tumor is about 12 cm. and I’m finding that nobody is giving me answers that differ from specialists or non-specialists. No surgery….just chemo and maybe embolization. It’s in my bones, all throughout my liver and my lower G.I. tract. I’ve been to Sloan Kettering, Duke, Cancer Centers of America and Nebraska Med. I’m pretty lost as to what to do now. I’m running out of money and my wife is running out of personal time at work. Any ideas? I’m open to anything. I’m being written off.

      I actually am a subscriber but it is so popular that I find it difficult for me to navigate.
      There is so much content that is off topic that I find it frustrating.
      I guess that’s just the way it is when you have a large base of readers and subscribers.
      AND……I am probably doing something wrong. 🙂

      Also, i wish I could just read online rather than getting my inbox filled. Is that possible?
      It is chock full of information though…..I will put it in my links page under resources.
      I should’ve done this before but it slipped my mind.

      Thanks for visiting,

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