Lemon Rice Can Give Your Electrolytes a Boost

This is not really a cancer fighter but, it is a pretty good veggie based side dish and if you need to replenish your electrolytes because of carcinoid syndrome then this might help you out a bit. As it turns out, lemon rice can give your electrolytes a boost. Take a look at this.

Citrus juices, especially the juice of a lemon, are rich in naturally occurring electrolytes.  They contain one of the most important electrolyte salts, potassium.  You may know a little about this electrolyte since it is probably the most commonly known of them all, and it is a well known fact that potassium depletion causes muscle cramping.

Keeping oranges on hand is a great idea as they are one of the most electrolyte-rich citrus fruits available.  Simply eating the whole fruit is a great way to replenish any depleted electrolyte minerals.

Lemon juice is simply one of the more convenient since you can order lemon slices at any restaurant in your water, and get a nice little electrolyte boost that way.  Lemon water is also alkalizing, so it helps neutralize foods that turn to acid in the body. Read More

Anyhow, there’s nothing like a nice side dish to lift your main dish out of the shadows, right? And….if you’re just getting your head around eating less meat this is a pretty delicious way to spice up the veggie dish that you might not be so keen on trying. It’s pretty good and easy to make. Also, by eating citrus fruits like lemons and oranges you can avoid drinking those horrible sports drinks. You can read more about electrolytes in the article that I quoted from below.

The Atlantic reported that scientists 40 years ago were paid by these sport drink companies to tell us we would not be able to sufficiently hydrate ourselves with just water, that our children didn’t drink enough at meals, and that we would lose performance during sporting events if we didn’t drink this artificially flavored and colored salt water. These companies even developed school outreach programs to get to even more children to buy into the thought of drinking sports drinks at an early age. Are you shocked? I certainly am. Read More

Finally, you can watch a short video about how unhealthy these sports drinks are just below. Watch the hole video it’s worth it. The recipe is just below this video.



2 Cups of Rice (Your Choice)
1 Cup of Clean, Pure Water
1/2 Lemon
Butter to Taste
Salt to Taste (sea salt is best)
A bit of Thyme (Optional and to taste)

Cook the rice according to package directions, Squeeze the juice from the lemon in and add in the butter. Wicked good!

Eat healthy,

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