Here are some links that I am finding helpful:

I will try to Organize this Better for you in the future. I’ve met quite a lot of helpful people with websites of their own and I will try to include them as this section grows. In addition, I’ve included posts that I think you might like to read. and finally, links to websites that are just plain useful. 🙂

Friends I’ve Made, Posts I’ve Written and Web Sites that I find Useful:

Must Read

 Cancer Friends

Live, Life, Lemons – Managing Cancer from a Caregiver’s Perspective – it’s not 100% about cancer there are other posts about eating well, and as the title says….just living. Take a look, I think you’ll enjoy the read. 🙂

THE “C” WORD – Cancer, Caregiving, Coping, Cussing. Not necessarily in that order.

I Beat Cancer With B17 – This is a website that is about Sandi’s journey to fight cancer using B17. – My Corner of The Pond – This is a blog about Dani and her family’s as they cope with carcinoid cancer. If you’re looking to connect with another carcinoid cancer patient then you will enjoy this blog.

Kathy Lewis – – Kathy is a new blogger but has already posted some interesting posts. She is newly diagnosed and is blogging for the first time. Pop over and support her. I’m sure she will  appreciate it. – Beth’s Adventures with Carcinoid Cancer – This is a great blog and is well written. Beth blogs about quite a few different topics but the crux of her posts are centered around her life and dealing with cancer. I think you’ll find it a good read. – Sharon Larsen has a great blog going here. She has quite a number of informative articles and also she has a few posts where she discusses her personal struggles and victories with carcinoid cancer. Take a look it’s worth reading! – You will love this blog. Bridget Robertson has put together some great posts, some are poetry, some are video clips, some are personal accounts of her struggles with carcinoid cancer. Either way you will enjoy wemarriage’s Blog | Meanderings Through Life

https://ronnyallan.wordpress.comRonny writes a blog called “Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer” and I think that’s a great title for a blog like this. You see, Ronny focuses on living life, fighting cancer and raising the public’s awareness of our rare disease. – If you like to laugh and enjoy honesty then you have to visit here! I guarantee that you will read some of these blog posts and think “Hey, that’s what I think.”  I know I need to read things like that. Otherwise, you start to feel alone, right. Check it will enjoy this blog.

https://zebrakat.wordpress.comAttempting weekly challenges whilst living with carcinoid cancer is the subtitle to her blog. It’s a great blog about life. Sometimes it’s about cancer and sometimes it’s not but either way you will enjoy reading it. Living with Carcinoid CancerThe Good, The Bad & The Ugly – This is a new blog but you will enjoy her posts. They are informative and interesting and, most of all, heart felt. Take a moment to visit you won’t regret it.

Cy Ball – Music A Blog About Music And Cancer – Yup, that’s what it is and I think you will find this blog both interesting and informative. His music is great and he has links to it so that you can listen online. You can visit him here –

http://lucysnoidblog.blogspot.comLucysnoidblog is well known among us carcinoid cancer patients. Her blog is full of well written posts and leans toward the technical side. If you haven’t visited then I would highly recommend it. It’s so informative and worth every minute of your time.

Sunny Susan’s Website –   Her website has tons of information about neuroendocrine tumors AND how she inspires others to have a good life! She was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer May 10, 1995. Go to my Carcinoid section (and other sections, see to your left) to learn more about Carcinoid Cancer and for links to additional medical and useful information sites for people (and their families) with Carcinoid.

The Healing NET Foundation was inspired by the work of two physicians – Dr. Eric Liu and Dr. Kjell Oberg. Dr. Oberg (right) has led major research in Europe, translating into successful treatment programs, many which still need traction in the U.S. Dr. Liu (left) trained directly under Dr. Oberg and was responsible for establishing the first clinical trial in the U.S. for the Ga68, an important tool to diagnosis NET patients. Visit Them Here


Hope you find this useful,

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  2. What a great service! This list of varied Blogs and sites related to neuroendocrine cancer shows how much variety and ingenuity there is in the NET community. Thank you, Ed!

    • Thanks Lucy! Yes, so many different people! I’m always surprised when I find a new blogger because they always have such an interesting blog and almost always different. 🙂

  3. WOW Ed!! You did a great job. I had seen your pictures before and loved them, now I can put a face to all the great pictures. Did you take them yourself? Thanks again for your information on your visit with Dr. Lui

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