A Master List of Cancer Fighting Foods – Updated 5/1/2014

I have made a master list of cancer fighting veggies from my favorite anticancer videos and cancer fighting recipes that I have found on other websites. I took the time to go through the videos and jot down all of the vegetables that were listed as cancer fighters.

Each of the veggies that were listed in the videos were different for each different type of cancer. So…breast cancer had a different list of veggies than prostate cancer and prostate cancer had a different list of veggies than brain cancer. In the video below it is pointed out that there are 2 families of vegetables that are most effective in fighting cancer and they are the allium family (onion, garlic, leek etc.) and the cruciferous family (broccoli, Brussels sprouts etc.) Here is the video if you missed it. He starts flipping through the list of veggies about 2/3rds of the way through.

Because my cancer is so rare and has not been studied in this aspect, I have jotted down the “overlaps” in the video and from a few other recipes. In other words, I noted each vegetable that was common for the various cancers listed and purchased those. So, if garlic was mentioned multiple times then I wrote it down. The result is a “master list” of veggies with the common trait of being a cancer fighter.

A Master List of Cancer Fighting Foods

Onion (sometimes green and sometimes yellow)
Brussel Sprouts
Curly Cabbage
Broccoli & Broccoli Sprouts (hopefully eaten together)
black berries
blue berries

There might be more and I will expand the list as I go but, this is a good start for a shopping list. Believe me, it’s hard to eat all of these veggies in a single week. Especially if you are just starting out like me. Don’t forget, you can juice these guys too. In fact, as I drink this I am sipping on a tall glass of Kaboom Cancer Fighting Juice Version 2. 🙂 If you need some ideas then just jump over to my Cancer Fighting Recipes Page for some ideas. This will get you going for now and I will try to keep expanding it.

As it stands now, I have radically reduced the amount of meat that I consume daily and I am taking in much more veggies with a combo of juices and vegetable dishes including salads and some of the hot dishes I am listing here as I go along. I usually mix it all up to keep from getting bored. You can only drink so much beet juice!  😛

Feel free to let me know if you find this useful and add your own veggies in the comments section.

Enjoy and keep fighting,
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  1. Hi, Ed. I was just diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of weeks ago. I found your blog via Sandy Rog and a friend named Kendy Anderson pointed me to her! Anyway, I wonder if you have heard of William Kelley and metabolic typing for cancer. If you had the money you could go to New York and see Nick Gonzales MD and pay him to type you and prescribe a diet and supplements, including pancreatic enzymes, and you would get better. I don’t have the funds so I got ahold of William Kelley’s book (called One Answer to Cancer and the entire book is free online) and bought the book for figuring out my type. I am a type four, which is mostly vegan but I can have some goat milk, eggs, and when I am done battling cancer, chicken a few times a week. The gamut ranges from strict vegan to an Atkins type of meat and dairy eater. Very interesting. Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Kelley both had/have phenomenal results with their therapies.

    • Hi and thanks so much!

      I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. No, I have never heard of these guys! I will have to get the book for now. I did just purchase some pancreatic enzymes as well. I had some before but I found a higher quality so I switched. I should probably post that. Did you see the “In Vitro” post? There’s a video there all about veggie based diets. Here’s the link: http://www.carcinoid-cancer.com/en-vitro-en-vivo/ Also, there’s a video in the “Gourmet Cancer Fighting Salad” post that list the exact veggies for lung cancer from the author’s studies. Here’s the link for that: http://www.carcinoid-cancer.com/gourmet-cancer-fighting-salad/ The salad rocks too. 🙂 I also had some broccoli soup last night. We stole a Gordon Ramsay recipe and made it work for us. Even my 6 yr. old son liked it. Yup, broccoli soup…6 yr. old boy. That does not compute! Ha ha 🙂

      FYI, I have been taking B17 but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I haven’t got the $$$$ to see a naturopath or anybody like that. So, I might be doing something wrong. But hey, my blood pressure and blood sugar are at normal levels….my doctors have been taking me off meds for those conditions which is amazing. They were always saying it was my weight…which I know is not healthy…but….after I took the B17 everything started normalizing. I’m amazed. I’ve also just started taking the B15 and pancreatic enzymes. I guess that I should post what I’m taking for everyone. I’ll have to pull that together.

      Thank so much for the information!!!!!

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