Metabolic Therapy To Fight Cancer And DCA

I’ve been focusing on immunotherapy as a focus for my research and finding something that might kill or slow the growth of my carcinoid cancer. Here’s the thing….I’m easily distracted so, I’m posting on another major category in cancer research called metabolic therapy for cancer. 🙂 To be honest, I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything and I came across this information and wanted to take a look at it.

Is DCA (Dichloroacetate) A Cure For Cancer

There has been quite a bit of internet buzz around DCA and cancer. The reason for this is because there were a huge number of videos posted, and articles written, that claimed DCA was the cure for cancer. I just read an article with the title “Scientists Cure Cancer But No One Takes Notice.” Read It Here DCA is a drug that uses metabolic therapy to fight cancer. Even the American Cancer Society has posted information on DCA. Read This.

DCA has been tested in humans on a small scale for rare diseases of metabolism (energy production), but has recently shown some promise in the lab for cancer treatment. This has led some people with cancer to try taking DCA on their own. DCA is known to cause nerve and liver damage, as well as some other side effects. It may also be able to cause cancer in humans, but that has not been proven. Read More

OK, so…we got it….you don’t want us to take it on our own. It might even CAUSE CANCER…(whisper this part)….but that hasn’t been proven yet. In other words, we haven’t studied that so it’s not proven to cause cancer BUT IT MIGHT! Are you afraid yet?  Here’s the medical study that peaked my interest. The study directly mentions neuroendocrine cancer.

This article presents 3 cases with patients who had recurrent cancers and for whom all conventional therapies had failed: (1) a 79-y-old male patient with colon cancer who had liver metastases, (2) a 43-y-old male patient with angiosarcoma who had pancreatic and bone metastases, and (3) a 10-y-old male patient with pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma who had liver metastases.

It Seems That The Neuroendocrine tumors shrunk Using DCA According To The Study

In addition, the disappearance of octreotide receptors from the pancreatic tumor further emphasizes the lack of benefit related to octreotide therapy. Thus, the response can be attributed to administration of DCA, combined with naturalmedicines. Read More>

Here’s a blurb from Live Science.

The mechanism by which DCA works in mice is remarkably simple: It killed most types of cancer cells by disrupting the way they metabolize sugar, causing them to self-destruct without adversely affecting normal tissues. Read More

And If you’re interested, here’s a video of the scientists that discovered that DCA can help fight cancer. They seem quite a bit more positive than some of the skeptics. Take a look for yourself.


So, I decided to take a further look into this and to see if it might help me fight my carcinoid cancer.

Is Afinitor a Metabolic Drug?

Well, it seems to be related to the metabolic function in some way. As you know from my previous post on Afinitor, Afinitor inhibits cell signaling (messaging) that controls things like cell growth, proliferation, motility and survival . It does this by controlling something called Kinases. Kinases are, without getting to complicated, directly related to the exchange of high energy molecules within the cell. Here’s some information about that process.

Therefore, kinases are critical in metabolism, cell signalling, protein regulation, cellular transport, secretory processes, and countless other cellular pathways. Read More

So, now I am wondering if DCA will at the very minimum compliment the Afinitor regimen that I’m already on? It seems like it would. My journey is just beginning with this information so, I have quite a bit of reading to do.

More Info And Where To Get It

Yup, you can get it on your own. It is called Sodium Dichloroacetate and from what I understand is the same as DCA but is buffered. My understanding is that you take it mixed into a glass of water and use black tea and vitamin B-1 to increase effectiveness. I haven’t tried it myself so, I really don’t know if this is true or not. I need to look into it further. I read about it here.  This website is chock full of more information and topics to look into if you’re interested. Also, I found it on Amazon. I will be posting a link to it on my page “Stuff To Get” in the to menu.

There is also something called Mito-DCA now. It seems to be one of the latest advancements in the study of DCA. I will be looking into this further. If you find anything you would like to share please pass it on as it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Stay strong,
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    • Yes, really crazy. I read that the tumors grown in the rats decreased 70% in 3 weeks (I think). They were human cancer tumors. The thing is…you still cannot get it through your doctor.

  1. That’s the part that I don’t understand! They have all of this success, but don’t make it available. I so don’t get that!!

    • Yup, because they cannot patent it and make money. It boils down to greed. It’s not always true but people forget that pharmaceutical companies are profit making ventures and a large number of them are publicly traded on the stock market. So….they’re doing their job of keeping profits high, pleasing their shareholders and keeping the stock prices high AND not spending money on research for drugs that they cannot patent. The problem is really the system and I don’t think Obama-care will solve it. In fact, it will probably make it worse with tons of regulations, red tape and government interference. As it is, doctors cannot use anything that has not been approved by the government even if it’s a known solutions or there are studies proving it works. I personally don’t have a solution except for one…..TAKE MATTERS INTO MY OWN HANDS. 🙂 That’s why Canadians come here, Americans go to Mexico, India and Sweden and Mexicans come here. It’s called medical tourism. It’s a mess. It’s our bodies, right?! We should be able to do whatever we want to them without dealing with some clown in Washington who gets paid to make it more difficult by passing obtuse laws. As you can see, I have an opinion about this. 🙂

      • It’s not so simple.Certain signs are observed. A human cancer tumor transplanted onto a mouse’s shoulder is subjected to a number of possible “cures.” Something happens. The tumor shrinks. Great. Now, you move the “tumor shrinking cure” to larger animals and eventually to humans. The cure turns out not to do the same thing for everyone and nobody knows why. Meanwhile, millions have been invested in the “cure” and careers have been structured along the lines of developing this treatment. More millions are poured into the “cure” that works for some and not for others. There are side-effects, some of them life-threatening. Do you, the physician, risk your patient’s well-being to see if they benefit from the “cure?” It’s too easy to chalk these efforts up to greed. Look into Louisiana’s “Right to Try Law,” which allows patients to risk certain experimental treatments if they have no other viable or approved options.

        • Thanks for all of that information. Wow, you really have a handle on this subject. Do you have a blog? Maybe (horrible joke coming) we need to have the mouse transplanted on our shoulder with the tumor on it’s shoulder. Yeah, that’s the ticket. :See, I could make a living at this. (OK, the horrible joke is over now) -) I wish I lived in Louisiana….it sounds very “free” there. My only concern is thievery. If you read Sandi Rog’s Blog – you will hear her speak about people who took financial advantage of her and her husband while she was seeking alternative treatments for her cancer. It’s so easy to get duped by people who purport to have a “cure” and have the authority of a medical degree behind them.

          Thanks again for an awesome comment.

  2. Hi Ed I am not convinced at all by the C T scans on the child. If you look at the positioning of the Ribs which are very clear, the scans are through different slices of the body. The different positioning of the kidney on the right of the scans particularly is evident in 4a and 4b. If you are not measuring the same bit of liver which they are not, any comparison of size is irrelevant. Imagine slicing a lemon in a loaf of bread each slice of lemon would have a different diameter as would a tumour. I only have experience of my own scans and xrays. I have always seen clearly the comparisons line up with other organs and structures. They have even been pointed out to me. Even a scan of a growing child should line up better than that surely and any growth would be minimal given the time involved and illness. Is there anyone out there who does this as a job? Please enlighten me.

    Also why did they all stop if the results were so good, I wouldn’t.

    My concern is people will be mislead into making an important decision. I know they are not trying to make money right now directly but money does follow ingenuity. Make a name and make money. everyone must know an example.
    Just my concerns, open to change my mind. Christine

    • Your concerns are very well put and I can see your point. To be honest, I have to do more research. I think they stopped because the clinical trial was over but may have continued with their own private doctors. I definitely agree about the money thing…..people fake evidence just to get money from patients. AND…people have faked having cancer just to get money from people who are compassionate. So, you are right to be suspicious. 🙂

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  4. Ed, how are you doing? How is your health? I also have neuroendocrine cancer (diagnosed in 2011) with metastases to liver and brain. I am trying a natural approach for a few months – the right foods and supplements before attempting chemotherapy (the Cap-Tem regimen was prescribed).

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