More Cancer Memes To Share

I took  a few minutes to create a few more cancer memes to share. I actually designed them specifically for our Net Awareness Day on November 10 so that we could have more material to “share with the unaware”. 🙂 These memes don’t only apply to Net Cancer but also apply to a lot of diseases and even life choices.

Many people forget that Net Cancer patients have a chronic, and usually, invisible illness that, if it runs it’s course, will result in our death. That leads to quite a bit of stress. I wrote a whole post on stress previously. Read More  So, we are often victim to public opinion about our disease, our life choices while living with the disease, how we spend our money, run our businesses, spend our free time and choose medical treatment. Sometimes that comes from people in our own “community” of Net Cancer patients, sometimes from our doctors and nurses, sometimes from strangers we’ve just met and sometimes from family and friends.

Here is the first meme.


So, we are left with decisions to make…”MOVES”. We must be careful that we don’t allow others to bully us, badger us, manipulate us and so on into making a move that we will not be happy with or that may harm us. We must be tough, endure criticism and carefully make our move. I usually pray and ask God to guide my footsteps and light my path. Read More  I cannot tell you the number of times that I have my prayers answered. WE alone are responsible for our moves and how they affect our family and ourselves.

And, along the same lines, here is the second meme.

I made this in early January after the New Year but, I thought, resolutions can be for any time of the year. So, I made a life affirming meme that you may appreciate. It is about moving forward and not allowing others to stand in your way to health and vitality.


Finally, here is a third cancer meme

Again, this meme was made to encourage us Net Cancer patients to live healthy mentally and physically. To not feel guilty about setting boundaries that others must adhere to in order to share your company in a positive way. Too many times, people feel too comfortable with giving unwanted advice about your cancer, your treatment choices, your parenting skills, your choice of cars, how you spend your money etc. We need to have boundaries if we, as Net Cancer patients, are going to live healthy lives that are positive. I hope this meme conveys that. 🙂


I hope you like these memes. To use them just go to the Free Images Page that I set up on the main menu or click here.

Keep fighting and move carefully,
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  1. I enjoy reading your blogs. My mother has also carcinoid. I came acroos your blog and do appreciate info you’ve put out. I’m learning a lot and looking for a support system.

    • Thanks so much. There are quite a bit of groups on Facebook as well. I’m glad you like my blog. I really write it for others at this point.

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