My Life Is Not Cancer

I was inspired by Wemarriage’s Blog | Meanderings Through Life and so, I thought I would give some creative writing a shot. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

My Life Is Not Cancer

Edward J. Kaull


My life is not cancer.
My life is not pain or tumors or misery.
These are only temporary conditions that ebb and flow with time.
One day, I will open my eyes and they will be gone.
I will have graduated, I will be timeless and they will not be remembered.

Before I had cancer I would wake up with eyes bright and clear.
I was ready.
Breathing and smelling every fresh breeze.
My lungs would fill with the sweetness of life.
Every animal and every plant were wonders to me.
They were something to study and something to admire.
To get up close to, crowd in on and commune with.

While I had cancer undiagnosed I welcomed the dappled sun through my window.
I let the breezes blow the curtains back from my mind and enlighten my soul.
I did not just observe but allowed myself to be part of creation.
I allowed myself to feel God’s love as his child.
I walked barefoot when possible and touched the earth.
I would sleep in the green grass of my tiny yard with my baby boy.
Until he woke up and got silly.
And then we played….and pestered nature with our curiosity.
Bugs are meant to be touched.

Now that I know that I have cancer I am unchanged.
I am still me but now I know about the cancer.
Cancer will not rule me.
Death will not conquer me.

Every distant star finds a way into my eye at night.
The moon outlines the dark trees and the dim landscape seems lit by soft candles.
Clouds slide across the moon and glow into my wide eyes.
The light is enough for me to see a path that I can travel if I walk slowly.
I know that as I look God is looking back.
The day is silent, resting for tomorrow.
I hear secrets of God’s love and wisdom in the silence.

My Life Is Milk And Honey.
Sweet to the lips and swallowed in a gulp.

Keep Fighting and keep living,
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    • Wow. That’s nice to know and thanks!
      I can’t wait to read your re-posted material.
      I guess we have a chain of inspiration going here. 🙂
      So, what do you think this is?
      A poem, a short essay, free style writing?
      I’m not really sure?
      It feels “poem-ish” (creative writing is when you make up words, no?)

  1. I Just read ” My Life Is Not Cancer ” it’s just beautiful. You certainly have a way with words. You are a very strong young man. Will be following you, and praying for you. God Bless you, and yours. With much LOVE.

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