My Secret for Cooking Perfect Steel Cut Oats

If you have been reading this blog then you already know that I am working hard to change my eating habits to include a diet that has more fruit and vegetables. I have learned that fruit and vegetables are the key to preventing and, I hope, reversing cancer. My first effort has been to change my breakfast from the classic eggs and toast to a more cancer friendly choice. I plan to change more as I learn more but, hey, it’s a good start.

One of my breakfast choices has been to eat a nice bowl of oatmeal and some fresh cut fruit either sliced directly into the bowl or on the side. Since steel cut oats are so healthy for you, I have decided to post my secret for making them quick and easy. Now, when I say MY secret you should know that I mean my wife’s secret since I’m not the one doing it! How’s that for honesty!  🙂

First, why steel cut and not the instant quick oats. Let me tell you that once you taste steel cut oats you will never go back to the mushy instant goo people call oatmeal. Steel cut oats actually have texture which, after you eat them, will make sense since they are OATS!  As a guy who likes a hearty breakfast I can tell you that you will enjoy chewing the oats instead of swallowing your mush like some toothless old codger. Which brings me to another reason to select steel cut oats over the instant, rip the envelope style oatmeal. It’s healthy for you!

Steel cut oats are so healthy for you and can greatly benefit your efforts to get or stay healthy depending on how you prepare them. Just take a look at some of the benefits of eating whole grains like steel cut oats:

1. Important sources of many nutrients including:

A. Dietary Fiber
B. B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate)
C. Minerals (iron, magnesium ~ bone strength, and selenium ~ an antioxidant )

2. May help reduce blood cholesterol levels
3. May lower the risk of:

A. Heart disease
B. Obesity
C. Diabetes (Type 2)

You can read more about the benefits of whole grains, like steel cut oats, on the USDA website by clicking here.

So, here’s our recipe for Perfect Steel Cut Oats.
Ingredients: (About 4 – 1 Cup Servings)

4 cups of milk (whole or low fat taste just as good)
1 cup of steel cut oats (We Like McCann’s Irish Oatmeal)


The night before you plan on eating them mix the ingredients in a sauce pan and cover them with a lid just before you go to bed. Place the pan in the fridge overnight. In the morning put the pan on a burner on medium heat and bring to a boil then stir and cook them 5 minutes. As they cool they thicken so, you can select how thick you like them by the amount of time you choose to wait. I like my oatmeal thick and so I wait at least 20 minutes. It’s really up to you though. You can also throw in a few raisins or craisins and let them plump overnight. (Optional)

Add Flair to Your Oats!

I just cut up a bit of fruit with my oatmeal but you can add all sorts of things such as brown sugar, butter, raisins etc.. But….since this is a cancer blog maybe a bit plainer is a good choice. Personally, I eat them without butter because I find that they don’t need any because they are so delicious and creamy but that’s up to you!  🙂

Refrigerate the leftovers and they heat up wonderfully the next day!




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