Natural Cancer Cures ~ Here’s My Worry

I’m juicing, eating less meat and changing my life as fast as possible in an effort to slow or reverse my cancer. I have been reading tons and tons of literature and watching videos regarding natural cancer cures ~ here’s my worry. Every single time I watch or, read about, somebody who says that they have used natural cures to reverse their cancer I find out later that this isn’t exactly true.

I’m not saying that a healthy lifestyle isn’t good for you. I’m not saying that a healthy lifestyle won’t slow or reverse cancer. What I am saying is that every time somebody seems to make that claim it doesn’t seem to pan out. I watch a video and then at the end of the video…boom….the kicker…..they had chemo…OR…they had surgery….OR some other conventional treatment. They either paired the conventional approach with the alternative approach or used the alternative approach to keep cancer FROM RETURNING! I’m not a “nit picker” but this seems pretty big to me, don’t you agree?

What’s even worse for me is that I have carcinoid cancer (neuroendocrine tumors) and they are rare. So, when I read that I should eat onions for brain cancer, or this or that for liver cancer, I don’t know what to do. I don’t have liver cancer, bone cancer, colon cancer but, I have carcinoid cancer. I have not yet seen a study where a vegetable such as garlic was used in a study to kill neuroendocrine tumors. So, I feel like I’m guessing. I hate guessing.

Here’s my approach to the problem. I am trying to form a “protocol” that incorporates all of the cruciferous veggies, garlic family, onions, beets, carrots etc. into juices and various meals.  So, I’m trying to push all of the buttons at once.

I am looking further into my carcinoid cancer and my understanding is that it is a subset of endocrine tumors (cancer). So, I guess that’s where I will focus my attention. Is this like brain cancer?  I’m not sure. Here’s a link for more information:

Here’s my request to you. If you have any information on carcinoid patients using natural cancer cures effectively then please pass it along to me along with any information you may have on the approach that they took and who they are. 🙂

I promise I will look into it and share what I learn!





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