A One Pan Anticancer Meal with Brussel Sprouts

I’ve been doing research on eating a more plant based diet as part of my effort to fight my cancer and I’ve become convinced that I need to get moving as fast as possible. As part of my efforts I have found more information than can be easily digested (pardon the pun) about veggies, cancer fighting, vegan diets and so on.

If you look on the web you will see long lists of vegetables that are considered cancer fighters. My only problem is that recipes don’t usually accompany that list. They just hand you and Mr. Ed the feed bag full of raw veggies and expect you to chow down. That starts to get old quick. So this is my effort to correct that. I created a one pan anticancer meal with brussel sprouts. This time, the recipe is all mine. Yup, my creation…and I think you will like it.

Previously, I posted A Master List of Common Cancer Fighting Veggies to help consolidate all of the information I’ve gleaned so far. Take a moment and look it over. It’s a great start for a grocery list. I took the time to go through my favorite videos and anticancer recipes and jot down all of the vegetables that were listed as cancer fighters. Because my cancer is so rare and has not been studied in this aspect, I wrote down each vegetable that was common for the various cancers listed and purchased those. So, it’s a broad and varied list. Of course, there are other vegetables that would fit the bill but these were the ones commonly mentioned for each different type of cancer. Anyway, that’s why I created this recipe. I want to eat well, enjoy the food and eat healthy. This recipe fits the bill.


20 Brussels Sprouts (approximately) halved
1 Leek (diced)
3 Cloves of Garlic (diced)
3 or 4 pieces of roasted peppers (diced)
1/2 to 3/4 Stick of Butter
Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oregano, Parsley, Sesame Seeds, Salt and Pepper all to taste.


Add it all in at once and saute on medium heat until the brussels sprouts are tender.


If you are not totally eliminating meat then you can add chicken tenders that have been cooked already. Just add them in and warm them up for a warm chicken dish. I am not totally meat free but I have definitely reduced the amount of meat that I am eating significantly. I try to make it lean meat like chicken.

Also, if you like rice it goes really well with this dish.

I hope that you enjoy it,
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  1. Thanks. Spouse has stage 3c Colon cancer (right hemicolectomy) and stage 4 unresectable metastatic carcinoid in mesentery. Three opinions said to take adjuvant chemo for Colon cancer first… Opted for Xeloda (no oxaliplatin due to existing peripheral neuropathy). Xeloda was well-tolerated. Was in the middle of round 6 of 8 xeloda and went down… Hospitalized for weeks… Flushing, severe diarrhea, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, a-fib… Massive amounts of IV fluids and antidiarrheals given… Stopped xeloda… Symptoms continued to worsen… Checked for all sorts of viruses, bacterias, food-borne ilnesses… All negative… Pumped with antibiotics in case of an unidentified infection… Symptoms continued to worsen… Had to beg for octreotide!!?? Responded well to octreotide… Discharged… Had 28-day injection of 20mg octreotide 2 weeks ago… Just when back to ‘normal’ and then learned that carcinoid had grown by 20% in 4 months (nov-mar)… Will be getting an injection of 30mg sandostatin LAR every 28 days. Also back on xeloda today at lower dose. What a balancing act! Quality of life is relatively good now… Hesitant to ask about prognosis.

    • Oh my gosh, you guys are really going through it. I am so sorry. Have you looked into PRRT? It seems to have shrunken my tumors quite a lot although I still need to go for a follow up scan. Also, there are a number of support groups on FB where patients support each other and even doctors chime in. I have already just prayed for you….I wish I could do more.

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