Pass It On: Links About Cancer 06/01/2015

  Pass It On: Links About Cancer

This post is part of a section on my blog called “Pass It On”. It’s a collection of links that I am currently not blogging about but only passing on to you for your reference. I’ll post into this section about once a month. If you find something interesting then…pass it on!

Natural Ways to Fight Cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a clinical trial for a turkey tail extract, allowing patients with advanced prostate cancer to take it in combination with conventional chemotherapy. Another trial pending FDA approval will test the effects of taking the extract along with a vaccine treatment in women with breast cancer. These will help researchers gather safety data and continue their development of potentially transformative cancer therapy. Read More

Seven reasons why natural cancer remedies sometimes fail – While in France, Dr. Max Gerson was mystified by the lack of progress with some of his patients. He discovered that an assistant was sneaking pastries to them with lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates that helped cancer cells survive and sabotaged his dietary approach. Read More

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A revolutionary breakthrough in cancer treatment that is being described as a “game-changer” would see the body’s own immune system utilized to attack diseased cells, rather than rely on sickening chemotherapy, researchers announced lately. Read More

Sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) inhibition of the “Warburg Effect” in a human cancer patient – Dichloroacetate is a 2-carbon molecule having crucial biologic activity in altering the metabolic breakdown of glucose to lactic acid. Human cell line studies show that dichloroacetate switches alter the metabolomics of the cancer cell from one of glycolysis to oxidative phosphorylation, and in doing so restore mitochondrial functions that trigger apoptosis of the cancer cell. Read More

Recently, the Camelot Cancer Care clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, featured DMSO as a major part of their protocol, but it was shut down in 2013 by the FDA and FBI after producing a very high healing rate among cancer patients. Apparently, they’ve reopened with the stipulation that they would no longer use laetrile, a natural extract banned in the USA but used effectively elsewhere. Read More

Researchers develop new dichloroacetate formulation for cancer treatment – Health forums were abuzz in 2007 with news that a simple, inexpensive chemical may serve as a viable treatment to many forms of cancer. The drug dichloroacetate, or DCA, was touted as a cure-all, but after years of work, scientists are still searching for ways to make the unique treatment as effective as possible. Read More

Based on initial trials, mice intentionally bred with certain human cancers responded positively to DCA when it was added to their drinking water. Brain, breast and lung tumors, it turns out, shrunk by an astounding 70 percent after just three weeks of treatment with DCA. Read More

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  1. Both in Sweden and in the U.S. some research funding is going towards researching immunotherapy for carcinoid and other neuroendocrine tumors – e.g., see newsletters of the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation.

    • Yes, I knew about that one! Thanks. I should put that in my links section. I have a link section that you can get to from the main menu. It has resources, other carcinoid blogs and other stuff. I’ll have to see if I put that in there yet. 🙂

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