Pass It On: Links About Cancer 09/01/2015

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Natural Ways to Fight Cancer

 What does this mean for you – the person who either has cancer and wants to get rid of it or who doesn’t have cancer and wants to stay that way? Researchers like Valter Longo can’t officially recommend it to cancer patients, but it seems well-tolerated and basically safe. If you or anyone you know has cancer, suggest fasting as a possible strategy. Read more

Cameron simply juiced 5 pounds of carrots a day, amounting to about a quart a day. After eight weeks, she returned to her doctor’s office for a check up, and they were shocked. They found no growth of the cancer, some shrinkage of the tumors, and fewer swollen lymph nodes. In just eight weeks, the growth of the tumors had stopped. read more

 This topic has been more requested than any that we have previously written about, for it catalogs the most potent of the pain-relieving herbs which are still legal at most more

One of the Cheapest Cancer Fighters on the Planet (Onions?) – Dutch scientists realized additional cancer-preventing powers of quercetin. They found it reduced “cancer gene” activity and increased “tumor-suppressor gene” activity in colon cells after 11 weeks, and in South Carolina quercetin was able to stop the development of aberrant crypts. read more

Now more than ever it’s essential to look for ways to maintain the integrity of our biological makeup known as DNA to halt illness and disease. Researchers have documented that one of these ways is by adding grapefruit to your diet on a daily basis. read more

An independent lab has found that Kashi’s ‘healthy’ GoLean Original breakfast cereal (owned by Kellogg’s) is loaded with the herbicide chemical glyphosate. What’s more, it actually contains 6x the amount of glyphosate previously found in Kellogg’s’ Froot Loops cereal. read more

….as countless, shirtless photos of Russia’s leader doing a variety of manly things have also proven, Putin is also into his health, which could be a major reason why he recently signed a measure into law requiring foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be properly labeled. read more

Local doctors are in the eye of a storm swirling for the past three years over whether corn that’s been genetically modified to resist pesticides is a source of prosperity, as companies claim, or of birth defects and illnesses read more

Medical Information

 GcMAF (Gc Protein derived Macrophage Activating Factor) – Gc MAF treatment is a highly effective macrophage activating therapy, used to stimulate the immune system and activate macrophages so that they can destroy cancer cells and other abnormal cells in the body. read more

Cancer cells have been programmed back to normal by scientists in a breakthrough which could lead to new treatments and even reverse tumour growth. read more

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