Pass It On: Links About Cancer 3/1/2015

 Pass It On: Links About Cancer

This post is part of a section on my blog called “Pass It On”. It’s a collection of links that I am currently not blogging about but only passing on to you for your reference. I’ll post into this section about once a month. If you find something interesting then…pass it on!

Natural Ways to Fight Cancer

In recent years, a number of natural products isolated from Chinese herbs have been found to inhibit proliferation, induce apoptosis, suppress angiogenesis, retard metastasis and enhance chemotherapy, exhibiting anti-cancer potential both in vitro and in vivo. This article summarizes recent advances in in vitro and in vivo research on the anti-cancer effects and related mechanisms of some promising natural products. Read More

Herbs Used To Fight Cancer – These findings suggest that SSE efficiently induces cancer cell death via apoptosis as well as autophagy through modification of the Akt/mTOR and JNK signaling pathways. SSE may be as a potent traditional herbal medicine for treating malignancies. Read More

The anticarcinogenic properties of curcumin in animals have been demonstrated by its inhibition of tumor initiation and tumor promotion. Read More

The U.S. is facing an obesity epidemic. Statistics likewise suggest that nearly 1.6 million Americans have inflammatory bowel disease and it appears that a common ingredient present in many processed food increases the odds of developing these health problems. Read More

Curcuminoids are the beneficial compounds within turmeric. Specifically, curcumin, one of these specific compounds, is considered to be the most potent, medicinally powerful, cancer-killing component of turmeric. Curcumin helps to detoxify and rejuvenate the liver, reduces negative effects of iron overload (and this is important because iron with sweet wormwood is a powerful cancer killer, too), increases antioxidant capacity in the body, regenerates brain cells and improves cognitive function, reduces likelihood of and treats Alzheimer’s, is anti-inflammatory, reduces heart disease risk, reduces depression, and fights premature aging. Read More

They took BHT out of cereals completely, and replaced it with safer alternatives in Europe – but continue to sell cereals with BHT here in North America. This chemical should not be in our food! BHT is not proven safe! It’s linked to cancer in some animals studies and is an endocrine disruptor that interferes with hormones. Read More

Marijuana and its use has been studied over the course of the last few decades more so than even many leading FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs, with researchers categorizing the effects of marijuana to a much greater degree than many of the pharmaceutical drugs you or your family may currently be taking. Read More

It is a widely held belief that all someone needs to do to contract an infection, such as one caused by a virus, is to come into contact with an infected patient. However, it’s important to realize that these pathogens are only able to successfully invade and take hold within our bodies if our immune systems are weak. Thankfully, there are countless ways to boost immunity and fend off disease, one of these being to increase production or intake of mannose-binding lectins. Read More
Amid a flurry of disinformation from mainstream media claiming multivitamins are a waste of money, a quietly-released study has shown one of the great benefits of taking them. Men consuming a multivitamin each day showed an 8% reduction in risk of cancer across the board. Read More

Cancerous cells rely on simple sugars and glutamate for their fuel supply, and this is especially true for brain tumors. Glutamate also allows cancer cells to grow and divide. When simple sugars and glutamate are abundant, cancer cells can produce more energy. This makes them more capable of spreading and more resistant to treatment. Fortunately, studies have shown that the consumption of an oxaloacetate supplement can decrease blood glutamate levels by 40%. This leads to a reduction of tumor size and invasiveness. Furthermore, patients who are given an oxaloacetate supplement experience an increased survival rate of 237%. Read More
Though this study adds more evidence that sugar fuels cancer, this is not new information. Many studies have documented this for many years. In fact, this MRI Study takes advantage of this characteristic of cancer in order to more easily visualize cancer cells. It was noted that tumor cells consume much more glucose (sugar) than normal, healthy tissues. Read More

General Information 

The primary goal of the Mount Sinai study is to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of 68Gallium DOTATOC as an accurate imaging technique for diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of response to treatment in patients with somatostatin-receptor expressing tumors. Read More

The Abigail Alliance is committed to helping create wider access to developmental cancer drugs and other drugs for serious life-threatening illnesses. The Alliance is promoting creative ways of increasing expanded access and compassionate use programs. We are working to help promote creative ideas to get promising new drugs to the market sooner. Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Management – Read More

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