Pass It On: Links About Cancer 7/1/2014

 Pass It On: Links About Cancer

This post is part of a section on my blog called “Pass It On”. It’s a collection of links that I am currently not blogging about but only passing on to you for your reference. I’ll post into this section about once a month. If you find something interesting then…pass it on!

 General Information

Obesity Linked to 1 in 10 Cancer Deaths Read More

Those of a more conservative bent point to early signs of dramatically extended survival. But whoever you ask, an experimental treatment known as immuno-oncology (IO) is the most exciting development in cancer care for years. Read More

Standbuy – The average person has around 340 friends on Facebook, and if all of those friends chipped in a small contribution, they could easily raise several thousands of the dollars needed to pay for the treatments and related expenses. Read More

 Natural Ways to Fight Cancer

Groundbreaking new research on the cancer-fighting potential of vitamin C has made the pages of the peer-reviewed journal Science Translational Medicine. A team of researchers from the University of Kansas reportedly tested the effects of vitamin C given in high doses intravenously on a group of human subjects and found that it effectively eradicates cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Read More

Of the 100 species of mushrooms that have been studied for their cancer-fighting properties, about six of them are proving to be real standouts in this regard. Read More You can also read my post on mushrooms Here

5 Herbs to Fight CancerRead More

Diet plays a crucial part in the health of an individual, and these five new diet rules can help them ward off the possibility of cancer. Read More

The Dangers of BPA – BPA is known as a xenoestrogen; these estrogen mimics have the ability to bind to the same receptors that estrogen binds to and block the effects of natural estrogen. In this way they disrupt the body’s natural hormone balance. Once in place, BPA is very hard to remove from the body. Read More

‘Cows’ milk is good for calves, but not for us’: Avoid cancer by axing dairy, meat products, U.K. scientist and six-time survivor urgesRead More

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