Pass It On: Links About Cancer 10/01/2016

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Organic And Natural Ways To Fight Cancer

But the group who mixed turmeric powder into their food,” he continued, “there we saw quite substantial changes. It was really exciting, to be honest. We found one particular gene which showed the biggest difference. And what’s interesting is that we know this particular gene is involved in three specific diseases: depression, asthma and eczema, and cancer. This is a really striking finding. Read More

“In the beginning, there was a reduction in herbicide use, but over time the use of chemicals increased because farmers were having to add new chemicals as weeds developed a resistance to glyphosate,” Ciliberto said. Read More

Men who suffer from anxiety are more than twice as likely to die from cancer than those who do not, a major new study has found. Read More

Don’t Believe The Hype! of Big Pharma – It’s Becoming More Accepted That Food Can Help You Fight Cancer Scientists at the American Chemical Society found the compounds capsaicin, from chillis, and 6-gingerol from ginger, cut the risk of lung cancer and… Read More

Scientific Ways To Fight Cancer

The new tests pair radioactive materials with a receptor that reacts to a hormone for neuroendocrine tumors or, in the case of prostate cancer, amino acid, which is what fuels the disease. The result is a better view of the cancer. Read More

Investigators from the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center found that genomic alterations differed according to primary site for gastroenteropancreatic NETs (GEP-NETs) and small cell lung cancer (SCLC) NETsRead More
3D Map of Protein that is found in cancers – DCLK1 is a protein that assembles scaffolds within cells called microtubules. These rope-like structures give cells shape, enable movement and cell division, and are crucial in enabling the growth and spread of cancer cells. More than one in 10 stomach cancers have defective forms of DCLK1, which have also been found in kidney, rectal and pancreatic cancers. Read More
Microsoft has vowed to “solve the problem of cancer” within a decade by using ground-breaking computer science to crack the code of diseased cells so they can be reprogrammed back to a healthy state. Read More

Other Stuff

A CANCER patient who was given just two months to live is in remission. . . after injecting himself with mistletoe extract twice a week. Read More

Bayer just purchased Monsanto. How do you boycott Bayer? Get a list of their products from their own website. Read More

Books on helping kids cope with cancerRead More

High Grade Neuroendocrine tumors (Neuroendocrine carcinoma, NECs) are by far the most challenging and deadly kind of neuroendocrine cancers. We (physicians) really struggle with this type of cancer. They can arise from many places in the body, including: the lungs, colon, cervix, pancreas, rectum, and other places). Read More on Dr. Liu’s Blog

There seems to be some crossover in #NetCancer & #CarcinoidCancer with regards to the over production of some of these hormones – Something to look into – Chronic or long term physical, mental or emotional stress can deplete inhibitory transmitter levels, since their presence is connected to self-soothing and relaxation of both the body and mind. Some neurotransmitters – dopamine, for instance – are both excitatory and inhibitory. Read More

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