Pass It On: Links About Cancer 2/1/2014

Pass It On: Links About Cancer

I’ve decided to post a new section on my blog called “Pass It On”. It’s a collection of links that I am not blogging about but only passing on to you for your reference. I’ll post into this section about once a month.

Exercise Increases Survival Rates

We all know exercise is good for us but now scientists have found that physical exercise significantly increases the life expectancy of cancer survivors.  Read more

Caramel color: The health risk that may be in your soda

It’s the most common coloring in foods and drinks—and it can contain a potential carcinogen. Here’s what Consumer Reports found when it tested soft drinks that have caramel color. Read More

Poor sleep quality may accelerate cancer growth, study finds

In a study published in the journal Cancer Research, researchers experimented with genetically engineered mice that had been injected with tumor cells. As the mice slept during the day, a quiet, motorized brush moved through half of the cages every two minutes – forcing some of the mice to wake up and go back to sleep. The other mice were not disturbed as they slept. Read More

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  1. Ed I have been reading your blogs and feel that you may get some answers at a forum that I read daily. I was diagnosed with Carcinoid cancer with mets to my liver in May 2013 and even though I never post I have learned so much on this forum. If you have any questions they will be answered there. The address is there is a section there called carcinoid tumor .There is a carcinoid specialist that frequents the site. Hope it works for you. Good Luck Elaine from British Columbia

      • Yes I do find it helpful. Just to know there is a lot of people out there that have long term survival and that there are treatments available even if things seem dire. I have had no treatment at all just lots of scans and blood tests. They think I’ve had it for a long time and that it is slow growing. I’m going for a bowel resection and a liver resection on March 13 after which my oncologist says they will start treatment. In my opinion you need to tell your story to that group. Everyone is stage 4 if you have mets but with this weird cancer that means nothing. I have met a woman here that has had it for 26 years and it was stage 4 way back then. I think the grade of tumor is the rate at which it is growing and that is the important number. That group can tell you everything. It’s a hard disease to understand and everybody is different. Hopefully I will be reading you there and you find the direction to go. I have never posted anything any where I’m just a reader. But I’ve been worried about you Good nutrition and exercise is always good but fighting this is going to take way more than that for the rest of your life. Hoping a long and happy life for both of us because it is possible I’ve seen it first hand Elaine

        • Elaine, you have no idea how badly I needed to read those words. Thank you for your concern. Things are getting a little rough on this end. I’m stage 4 so, no surgery for me…they won’t do it. When you say I should tell my story to the group….which group are you referring to, oncologists? I am seeing an oncologist now. It looks like I will be getting chemo and maybe radiation. I’ll keep you in my prayers. 🙂 It’s nice to know I have a friend out there! 😀

          • Ed, I’m afraid of saying things that might not be right because I am new to this weird cancer. I am stage 4 with primary in bowel and 15 tumors in my liver and I am having surgery. So for doctors to say no surgery because stage 4 doesn’t sound right to me. I want you to find out more about treatments and options and the carcinoid group can tell you lots. Dr. Woltering is a carcinoid specialist in New Orleans and he answers questions there everyday. Those patients in that group research lots know all the best doctors in every area and all the treatments available. I just want you to get the right care because there are a lot of not very good doctors out there. My oncologist told me you do not treat this with chemo or radiation. In my opinion reading what patients write has been by far the most informative. Please at least read that groups postings they go back years and a lot are overkill on subjects but in the end I think you’ll have a clearer idea of your options and I really believe you have some. Elaine

          • Never worry about saying the wrong thing to me…..none of us are doctors and I know it. We’re all just doing our best to find answers including me. I look into everything. Even the stuff that comes from doctors. 🙂 Anyhow, the long and the short of it is that I know you have the best of intentions and I appreciate that so very much. 🙂 I have been reading the acor board now. Full of information….maybe too much…phew. Here’s the thing with my stage 4 diagnosis…it’s in my bones, lymph nodes, liver, gi tract, other spots. So, it’s all over the place. The chemo they are recommending is xeloda and has been successful in shrinking some carcinoid tumors. Also, I had my tumors tested by Dr. Warner in NY. He did a DNA test and the test said that it might work. Might is always the key word, right?

            Oh man, you are so right about the doctor thing. It’s really hard to find a good one. I’m glad you can have your tumors removed. I’m going to look into some clinical trials as soon as I get some $$$$. Thank goodness we have insurance again. We were going down the tubes for a while. Did you read the “in vitro” post ? It’s really good. Watch the video…it will convince you that we need to get rid of the meat….at least it convinced me. 🙂 Except I had pepperoni pizza last night. I’m like 80% of the way there. What do you think?

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