Review – World Without Cancer – Warning and Forward

Review – World Without Cancer ~ G. Edward Griffin has written a compelling book that presents the case that cancer is a disease caused by a nutritional deficiency. That deficiency is B17 which is found naturally in a number foods. To illustrate his point, he compares cancer to scurvy which is caused by a vitamin C deficiency.

In his warning, or disclaimer, he makes the case against the American medical industry as being biased against natural cures and remedies for cancer because there is lack of opportunity for profit. He explains that natural remedies such as B17 have been outlawed by the FDA because there is a built-in bias against natural remedies because they cannot be patented thus limiting their profitability. He then continues to frame his his thesis by saying that there is massive evidence in favor of natural cures and B17. His “warning” and forward in the book pull together a few case histories add a few legal battles that illustrate his point.

So far, this is a good read but as you can see from the table of contents it is not light reading. The Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: The Watergate Syndrome ~ Examples of dishonesty and corruption in the field of drug research.

Chapter 2: Genocide in Manhattan ~ Continued attempts by the cancer industry to prove that Laetril is worthless…

Chapter 3: An Apple A Day ~ A review of entrenched scientific error in history…

Chapter 4: The Ultimate Test ~ A look at the many cultrues around the world that are, or have been, free from cancer…

Chapter 5: Cancer: The Onrush of Life ~ An explanation of the trophoblast thesis of cancer…

Chapter 6: The Total Mechanism ~ The nutritional factor as a back-up mechanism to the enzyme factor…

Chapter 7: The Cyanide Scare ~ A newspaper account of a couple who reportedly were poisoned by eating apricot kernels…..

Chapter 8: The Laetrile “QUACKS” ~ The names, professional standings, medical achievements and clinical findings of some of the more prominent doctors who endorse Laetrile….

Chapter 9: “Unproven” Cancer Cures ~ Clinical evidence in support of the trophoblast thesis….

Chapter 10: “Proven” Cancer Cures ~ The effects of surgery and radiation in the treatment of cancer patients….

Chapter 11: A new Dimension of Murder ~ Anti-cancer drugs shown to be ineffective and cancer-causing…

Chapter 12: A Statistical Comparison ~ The inherent weakness of all cancer statistics….

Chapter 13: Cartels – Escape from Competition ~ A review of the science of cancer therapy….

Chapter 14: The Ultimate Monopoly ~ Early examples of cartel support for totalitarian regimes…

Chapter 15: War Games ~ Germany’s industrial preparations for world war II…

Chapter 16: Conspiracy ~ Efforts to camouflage Farben ownership of firms in America…..

Chapter 17: The Rockefeller Group ~ A biographical sketch of John D. Rockefeller Sr. and his crusade against free-enterprise…

Chapter 18: The Charity Prescription ~ The drug cartel’s influence of the nation’s medical schools…

Chapter 19: He Who Pays the Piper ~ The low state of medical education in the U.S. prior to 1910…..

Chapter 20: He Who Calls the Tune ~ AMA influence over the practice of medicine in America…

Chapter 21: The Protection Racket ~ Cartel agents in the FDA and other agencies of government….

Chapter 22: The Arsenal of Compliance ~ Government harassment of the nutrition and vitamin industry….

Chapter 23: The Double Standard ~ An analysis of the FDA’s double standard in which harmless non-drug materials such as vitamins and food supplements are burdened with restrictions in excess of those applied to toxic and dangerous drugs….

Chapter 24: to Walk the Highest Wire ~ How doctors are intimidated into not using Laetrile….

Chapter 25: A Question of Motives ~ What has motivated opposition to the Laetrile movement….

Chapter 26: A World Without Cancer ~ Areas of need for further research with vitamin B17…..

I will keep you posted as a wind my way through the book!

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