Review – World Without Cancer – Chapter 4 – The Ultimate Test

Chapter 4 is short and sweet and covers how large populations have lived cancer free as a result of consuming foods rich in nitrilosides. Most of these populations, as you probably have already guessed, are groups of people that live simpler more primitive lives. As a result, it was easier to study them as a group and what made them healthy and cancer free.

Mr. Griffin takes you on a world tour of people who have lived almost cancer free. He looks at each culture such as the Eskimos, the Hunza and more and gives you a quick background of each of these unique people. He then goes on to show how each culture is similar in a number of ways including a diet rich in nitrilosides which are derived from foods rich in B17. He does all of this while quoting from medical journals and medical papers. It’s quite a well documented chapter. You will enjoy it.

As he continues his “world tour” of cancer free societies he points out how each society began to fall ill to common western diseases as they became more exposed to the westernized diets we all consume. What is more important is that they stopped eating foods that had B17 in them. He shows how each of these societies had some food rich in B17 as part of their staple diet. and how, once removed, cancer raised it’s ugly head.

He concludes the chapter with quotes from a number of well documented studies and doctors who came to regard B17 as not only a preventative but an effective treatment for cancer.

It’s on to chapter 5,

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